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Cebu Pacific Air Adopts Philippine Eagle

Together with fellow bloggers and other members of local media, I witnessed the formal adoption of Philippine eagle named, "Mindanao" by Cebu Pacific Air. The turnover ceremony was held on October 15, 2015 at the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City.  For five years, the popular budget airline will shoulder the food and veterinary care of the 13 year old Philippine Eagle. Mindanao is among the 17 other Philippine eagles under the captive breeding program of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF). Through this, eagles are breed and reintroduced to their natural habitat, an effort that aims to address its dwindling population. 
Mindanao is the only one of its kind that can tolerate humans at a distance of 2 meters, thus, appointed as an ambassador for education, serving as an inspiration to visitors to learn more about the plight of the Philippine eagle.  Endemic to the Philippines, "whose uniqueness, strength, power, and love for freedom, exemplifies the Filipino people&qu…

Food Trip : Sisterfields, Tagaytay (soft opening)

With Tagaytay's cool weather, bustling food scene and that gorgeous view of Taal volcano that never gets old, a visit, even for just a day is always delightful.  :) 
Joining its endless row of dining establishments is Sisterfields located inside its partner hotel, Summit Ridge. It's a newcomer, but one that cannot be ignored, being a member of the Cravings Group which owns several successful business ventures - a few of which include C2, The Coffee Beanery (ah the coffee and cake all you can promos!), Center for Culinary Arts, the Philippines’ premier culinary school and one of my favorite restaurants, Cravings. 

Adopting a Farm to Table concept, dishes are prepared with ingredients that are locally grown, either by the restaurant itself or bought directly from its source. It will feature Filipino dishes with Batangas beef, produce from the town of Taal and Tagaytay, organic juices and of course, artisan coffee blend, Pahimis from Cavite. 
Its menu, which promises comfort food wi…