Football Sunday

My whole body is in pain. Even coughing hurts.It’s a worth-it type of pain derived from two hours of playing football under the hot sun with 8 other guys. (Serves me right for being lazy and skipping the entire cool down exercises after the game.)

Did I just say 8 guys? No wonder I’m in agony!

After a year of taking a rest from one of my favorite sports, yesterday morning, I found myself stepping in the familiar green grass of a football field. Though the game was held on a different venue, the sight of the grass and the goals instantly felt like home. Our team had been invited to play against these people from another office but only two of us from Sykes showed up so we just regrouped with the other team. There were 8 of us adults and this male kid. Being the only girl in the team, the guys went easy on me for the first few minutes but after making a few tackles, some of the guys had forgotten that I am from the other gender. One guy managed to step on my foot, one guy had slammed his arms on me, I think someone had kicked one leg too plus all the other tackles – but it’s fine. I wasn’t really expecting any special treatment. It was a great game and I can’t wait to play again next week. Hopefully, we can have a few more people. The guys I’ve played with are definitely one of the nicest bunch I’ve played with. Some guys I’ve played in the past tend to be either too sexist, too competitive or too arrogant. I’ve experienced playing with guys who won’t even pass the ball to you even if you’re wide open. I’ve also experienced fighting with a guy in the field although the last one I fought with was a lot smaller than I was. Hehehe! Now, I’m more mellow in the field. I try to avoid too much aggressiveness which was a bit of a problem for me before - but I haven’t incurred a card, if my memory serves me right, so I guess I’m not as vicious as the others. One of my gal pals had punched another girl during one of their games. It’s that intense!

So how’s it like spending Sunday morning with the guys? I just have to say this – all men have one distinct quality – their intense fascination with women. We were in the middle of the game when suddenly, all the guys’ heads turned to the right side of the field. I turned to see what caused the sudden distraction and all I can see were some girls’ legs – which appeared flawless from a distance. Ahh I get it. What’s even more interesting to note is that they seem to have mastered an unknown body language or ESP of some sort. Just by looking at each other, all the guys easily picked up that there were eye candies within their radar. After a few minutes, they would tease each other and make comments about the girls. They also have a natural tendency to be blunt. I even heard one guy complaining that he wasn’t wearing a supporter. I heard one guy burping like there’s no tomorrow and of course, there were those comments made about the girls. I heard one guy say that one of the girls looked like a “hipon” which is Pinoy guy lingo for a girl with a great body and a not so great face. One guy even even tried telling them off and reminded them that there’s a girl with them. Ahehehe! Oh they knew I was a girl?!

That morning was another enlightening experience for me. Immensing in guy world is the best form of activity for a sociological inquest (for clueless girls such as myself), especially spending time with football players since they are generally friendly, funny, smart and passionate…Here’s a toast to all the talented and charming futboleros out there!

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