Goddess Venus Must Be Laughing at Me Now

Earlier this evening, I was at the mall trying to scout a shirt for my lolo who’s celebrating his 92nd birthday this weekend. (Wohoo!) . I was actually in a hurry because I was already running late for - brace yourself – The Rachel Zoe project which airs 8:00pm on Thursdays. I refuse to buy pirated DVD’s or download it illegally from the web so I make it a point to catch it when I’m not off somewhere. :P

Like a predator on a hunt,I fiercely made my rounds at several racks of shirts hoping to find something nice. I paused at the area which sells Gola and saw something I liked – a green collared shirt with a cool design. It was on sale too. Perfect. I wasn’t sure though that it was something my lolo would like. I glanced around the store hoping to find some stranger with a built similar to check the shirt on them. My eyes wandered for a millisecond. Suddenly, an angel who might possibly be from hell, because he’s scorching hot walked by. His complexion, reminded me of milk, yummy, thick condensed milk and his stance, like Derek Ramsay’s. He was dressed casually – like he didn’t have anything else to do and decided to wander around the mall at the exact timing I was there. It had to be fate. Hehe!

Our eyes met for a short second. I was momentarily distracted, pretended I didn’t care and he just walked past me. I wasn’t unnerved. I decided to stick to my goal of finding that nice collared shirt before I get home. I had no other time left but that guy sure is hot. Suddenly, I had an aha moment, perhaps whispered to me by Cupid. Of course! I’ll just approach him casually, ask an innocent favor if I could possibly put the shirt against his body just to check – you know, because he and my lolo have the same built. Well, if only my lolo was slightly taller.

Hot dude unfortunately, was too far away for me to approach. I now had the Gola shirt on my right hand. Oh well, I’ll just pretend to be thinking it over and wait until he walks by again. 

I rehearsed my “sweet lady buying her lolo a gift” speech. I felt confident we were going to be BFF’s before we walk out that store. Vision of us, talking non-stop, laughing together began playing in my head. As if on queue, he walked by the Gola area again and without hesitating, I approached him like the grown, confident woman that I  pretend to be. I heard myself say “Excuse me!”. He didn’t turn around. Geez, I usually talk in aloud voice, where did my voice go?! In a more urgent tone, I tried to call his attention again. He finally turned around and oh my gosh. He looked more handsome upfront. Much, much more handsome. The grown-up confident woman I thought I was suddenly melted away and I was left with Chrissy the Tinkerbell. I stuttered and no audible word came out. I held the shirt in front of him, tried to sputter whatever words I could say to let him know I just wanted to see the shirt against him. He looked baffled, scared perhaps of this weird person in front of him. Luckily, he didn’t call the guards and he cooperated, turned his back very quickly and I held the shirt . It fits perfectly, like I chose it for him and him alone. I managed to say thanks in a sweet voice. Well, that was what I hope I sounded and he was off in an instant. I think he ran off in fear for his safety. Dreams of us having coffee, having deep conversations on a rainy evening perished as quickly as my chances were with him.

I regained my composure swiftly and walked to the cashier as if nothing happened. At least I gave it a shot even if it didn’t work out and mind you, that was the first time I ever approached a random hot guy in my 28 years of existence. Pathetic right? Well, I’ve missed a lot of those “kilig” moments because I was too busy. I’ve had a planner since grade school. I spent more hours playing in the varsity than talking to guys back in high school. I skipped prom and some other social mixers. I have more trekking shoes than make-up and I have more sports equipment than underwear. It's  about time to be adventurous on another aspect. Haha!

Well, I’m finally in the game baby. Only if this were a real game, I’d be on the bench because I suck. But at least I got started. That deserved some credit right? :p

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