A Frap from God

I’ve been trying to be frugal over the past couple of weeks and that means – refraining from spending on food, athletic gear, plane tickets, travels , my favorite coffee frap, basically anything that is not essential. I really couldn’t afford to spend anyway. But you know, God has been so good as I’ve been getting some amazing freebies – like a free trip to Bicol, a part –time job, free meals, soups, early birthday gifts, etc. My birthday is next month but I’ve been bugging/coercing some nice people in my life into giving me presents and they’ve been so understanding, thus my early birthday treats. Hehehe!

Yesterday morning, I found myself craving for an Espresso frap from Starbucks. I know I should not spend on one and so I found myself whispering to God for a free frap as I was preparing for work and guess what?! A few hours later, someone from work approached me and told me I just saved his ass. I was so surprised. I had no idea what he was talking about. I asked him what I did and he acted secretive about it. Then he went something like, “I owe you a Starbucks frap.” I asked again what I could have possibly done to deserve a coffee treat and he said he’d tell me about it once I go with him to Starbucks. Way to catch my attention! I hate surprises. Not knowing, rattles me and so I went with him, still clueless. Was there a surprise party for me? But I knew it was too early for a birthday celebration.

When we got down to Starbucks, he finally told me and I laughed about it. It was a work-related task that I did on his behalf about a week ago. I hadn’t really given much thought about it since it was partially a responsibility of mine anyway but it turned out to be crucial for him and I had saved him from trouble. He was s extremely grateful and the frap was his way of thanking me for it. It was unnecessary but it felt really, really, really nice to know I’ve helped someone. He also reminded me of something – appreciation for others. Sometimes I tend to be selfish so I tend to forget about the people around me. It’s something I really want to overcome.

Anyway, the free frap was quite amazing! Sometimes, God answers prayers so quickly, it surprises you. And you know what, as I returned to the office that morning, I also made another wish – for this special someone to appear behind me and hold my hand. Ahehehe! He did not magically appear out of nowhere as I’d hope he would but at least I tried. God answers prayers all the time anyway. It may not be the answer you want, but it’s always the answer you need.

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