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Love travel?  On the look-out for a freelancing travel-related job? Both perhaps?

If you’re the type of traveler who enjoys getting into the root of the culture of the place you’re visiting and in need of a trusted local guide to take you around,  Withlocals  may just be what you need!

Through their website, Netherlands-based start-up Withlocals connects travelers with locals through food and experiences.  
Waterfall hike anyone? Location : Chiang Mai, Thailand
"We would love travelers to experience the real local tradition and not the tourist ones, and give local people the possibility to earn money with things they are good at!" -

Where is it Available? Thailand, Nepal (oh this place makes me feel giddy with all its hiking destinations!), Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam (known as a foodie haven!) and Sri Lanka (where Adam's Peak is, a place on my bucket list!). 
Ah the foodie in me is elated! On this experience, you get to visit your Vietnamese host's home
where they will prepare dinner and eat with you.  Location : Hanoi, Vietnam
How to Book?
More information here.

Is is Safe to book?
Withlocals offers : 

  • A fully comprehensive, authentic review system.
  • A verified supplier system. We only promote hosts with whom we’ve had personal contact and once we have personally guaranteed the quality of the experience.
  • We rely on the reviews and the sense of community built on the site to help maintain the quality of the experiences.
  • We guarantee your experience and will fully refund your money if you are less than 100% satisfied.

Now, for those who are looking for a travel-related jobs, register as a Host : 
If you're a host in need of a platform to promote and offer your travel services that fall under the category of food, tour or experience, then you just need to create your profile at the website and fill in the necessary details. You will be visited by local ambassadors from the company as part of  their verified supplier system as they only promote hosts with whom they've had personal contact and can guarantee the quality of the experience.
More information here.

Need a little more convincing? Do check out their interview with TechInAsiaan online technology media company based across Asia and the US that shares news on Asia's technology and start-up scene. :) 

I know I'm just a bearer of this interesting piece of news but since I had to do some reading about them, I  managed to convince myself to try them on my next overseas travel! Oh where do I go?! :)  

Btw, I am not connected with the company, please route all your queries through their contact page.

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