Angono Travel Series Part 2 : Where to Go (with Itinerary and travel information!)

If you're in Manila and looking for a nice day trip, consider Angono, the Philippines' art capital. Located in the province of Rizal, it's only 1-2 hours away (depending on traffic) and easy to reach either by public or private transportation. With most galleries and restaurants  close to each other, it's an ideal destination for food and art lovers who have limited time.  

Here are some of the art galleries and other places I visited recently with my fellow bloggers. 

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Though Balaw Balaw is popular as a specialty restaurant serving exotic and folk dishes, their gallery is also worth a visit! It features paintings and sculptures from members of the Vocalan family  and other local artists, showcasing  Filipino folklore and traditions. Do  try out their adventurous dishes while you're there! Crickets anyone? 
Fellow blogger, Gretchen Dublin of Filipina Explorer taking photos in the art gallery of Balaw Balaw Specialty restaurant
Another equally interesting art gallery and restaurant which you can actually spot from Balaw Balaw is Nemiranda Arthouse and Atelier Restoran along Dona Elena Street. Click this link for more information. (Facebook Page : Atelier Restoran)

Balaw Balaw Specialty Restaurant
Address : 16 Doña Justa Subdivision Phase 1, Manila East Highway Angono, Rizal
Contact Number : +63(02) 651 0110
Business Hours : Daily, 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM 
Facebook Page : Balaw Balaw 
Website :

Mr. Michael Blanco, one of the owners and artists whose work is on display in the family-owned museum. I  enjoyed touring around and listening to his stories on some of the paintings. :)
Built on a 1,200 meter lot in 1980, this museum houses a collection of more than 400 artworks by all nine members of the Blanco family. Their works highlighted Filipino culture and tradition using realism,a style depicting real life.  They've mastered it so well that staring at a painting infuses a dose of inspiration to its viewer.  With the wide pool of artistic talent in the family, it's no surprise that the Blancos became the first to stage a family exhibit at the National Museum in 1978! 

Going around, visitors can witness the progression of each artist, with the paintings arranged  in different galleries starting from the youngest of the siblings, Peter Paul (born 1980), followed by Gay, Jan, Joy, Michael, Noel and Glenn,  then on to their parents, Loreto, their mother who began painting at 48 years old and the patriarch who started it all, Jose "Pitok". Each gallery of the siblings contains their works as children up to the time they grew up. It was amusing to see how each sibling evolved in terms of technique! 
Dada of checking out one of the galleries in Blanco museum
Other Facilities : 
- audio visual room that can accommodate 50 guests for lecture or meeting
- Jose Blanco Hall that can be used for performing arts, lectures and conferences 
- a gallery for art exhibits
- garden and koi pond

Blanco Family Museum

Address : 31 Ibanez St., Brgy. San Vicente, Angono, Rizal
Email :
Contact numbers : +63 (02)651-0048 / 09266730805
Operating Hours : Tuesday-Sunday, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM-1:00 PM-6:00 PM
Entrance Fee : 100 Pesos
Facebook Page : Blanco Family Museum

In 1973, Carlos "Botong" Francisco (November 4, 1912 – March 31, 1969), a notable muralist from Angono was conferred posthumously as a National Artist for Visual Arts.
When he was alive, his former residence along Dona Aurora Street also served as his studio. Now under the care of his grandson, Totong, also an artist, visitors of the gallery can view Botong's memorabilia including his old tools and the medal awarded to him as a National Artist. Totong's works are also displayed near the entrance of the gallery. 
Memorabilia of Botong Francisco displayed at the Second Gallery
Works of Totong displayed at The Second Gallery
Carlos "Botong" Francisco Second Gallery
Address : 217 Dona Aurora St. Angono, Rizal
Contact Number : +63 661 05 98 (Landline) | +63 998 532 5004 (Mobile Number)
Facebook Page :
Entrance Fee : Donation only.


Dona Aurora Street
The street that served as Botong Francisco's old residence is lined with murals featuring replicas of his works, created as a tribute by Charlie Anorico and other local artists.
A replica of a  mural by Carlos "Botong" Francisco featuring a significant event in
Philippine history, the execution of Dr. Jose Rizal
At the end of the block is a mural honoring another National Artist, Lucio San Pedro, a notable musician. Featured on a wall of a house are the lyrics to one of his works, "Sa Ugoy ng Duyan".
A mural dedicated to Lucio San Pedro located at the end of Dona Aurora Street
Tricycles regularly pass through this narrow street. Be careful when taking photos of the murals! It would be nice if they can limit the vehicles to residents. As this is an open street, you can pass by at any time. No fees are being charged to visitors. Best to come early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the heat or bring a cap or umbrella.  
Location : Dona Aurora Street, Poblacion Itaas, Angono

Laguna de Bay as seen from Angono Lakeside Park
Locals refer to this place as "Wawa" (not to be confused with Wawa Dam in Montalban :P), a recreation area in Brgy. San Vicente.  Located beside a section of Laguna de Bay, it  offers residents and visitors a tranquil space to hang out. It's also a good space to run or bike. Entrance to the park is free but trying out other activities like the zipline and boating across Laguna de Bay come with a minimal fee.  Another beautiful attraction in the area that's free of charge is the sunset. :)

Travel Tip: Apply some insect repellent when you come here.
Read more about it on Celineism's blog.

Angono Lakeside Park
Barangay San Vincente, Angono
Best time to go is around 4:00 PM when it's less hot or early in the morning if you want it really quiet. Facilities and food stalls may not be open if you come in too early though but you can always grab good food near Angono town proper. :)

From the main entrance, visitors must pass this tunnel on the way to the viewing deck of the Angono Petroglyphs
Located in an old forest, the rock shelter where the drawings were found was used by Filipino guerillas during World War II and was a serendipitous discovery by National Artist, Carlos "Botong" Francisco. He was on a field trip with a troop of boy scouts when their group stopped for a rest. While lying down, he noticed the engravings on the rock and reported it to the National Museum in 1965.

The 127 drawings, in a shape similar to frogs and lizards were engraved on a rock shelter and is officially recognized as the Philippines' oldest known artwork.

Viewing platform of the Angono Petroglyphs. It's also a good place for Instagram worth nature-inspired shots :P

How to Commute to Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs
From Angono town proper, hire a tricycle towards the site. As the road is steep, not all tricycles may be willing to climb up all the way to the entrance so be prepared to walk. 

Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs National Museum 
Brgy. Bilihiran, Binangonan, Rizal (same road going to Thunderbird Resorts in Binangonan)
Operating Hours : 
Mondays-Fridays, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays by appointment
Entrance fees : P20 for adults | P10 for students.
Contact Information: National Museum Central Office; +63 (02) 527-4192 

For additional info, please check this article from National Museum.

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How to get to Angono
If commuting, you can take a a UV express van from Shaw Boulevard. The terminal is right in front of Star Mall (This mall is on the southbound side just along EDSA, across Shangri La Plaza Mall). The vans going to Angono run daily but trips start around noon. As an alternate, you can board a van going to Binangonan which has trips 24/7 and ask driver to let you off in Angono. Fare is 50 Pesos as of Oct 2016. Travel time would be dependent on the traffic. On a Sunday, ride takes only 30-40 minutes.

Where to stay in Angono? During our 2 day tour, we stayed at Villa Jhoana, a nice resort close to the city proper. For details, please see part 1 of this post by clicking here (info on the resort is near the bottom of the page.

- Note that most art galleries/museums are closed on Monday. Check the operating hours for each gallery on this post before going. However, schedules may change. You may contact the galleries on the numbers or FB page which I've also shared. 
- With the exception of Angono Petroglyphs, all galleriesm including the Lakeside Park are within walking distance from each other. Wear comfortable footwear and clothing. 
- Need some quality, cheap clothes? Come visit the tiangge (bazaars) in Taytay located near Club Manila East. Nice dresses can go as low 100 Pesos and shirts at 70 pesos! Taytay is just next to Angono, about 15-30 minutes away. Check out this blog for some helpful info! :)

For more travel information and to receive regular updates on Angono, please hit the Like button on their Facebook page, Angono Tourism

Angono celebrates Higantes Festival every November. For a comprehensive schedule of activities, please check out my post. Click here.

Shout out to  fellow blogger Celine Reyes and Lady of Angono Tourism for inviting us to explore Angono!

Please check out part 1 of this post, Where to Eat in Angono

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