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Walking in the middle of trees and plants is just so energizing that the aches and occasional bruises that come after a long hike become easy to forget. :P For a person who loves forests, nature is indeed the best spa.

As most of my hikes are in mountain trails around the Philippines, where temperature can go as warm as 35C, I wear the most comfortable and affordable clothing I could buy (won't you rather spend money on food or coffee? :P). The latest addition to my "hiking wardrobe" is from FitGear, an online store providing premium essentials in honest prices. I tried one of their shirts under the Wind series, shirts that are lightweight, compact and quick drying.
wearing FitGear Wind shirt at Mt. Pimmayong in Zambales, Philippines. That day was so sunny
and it became hotter as noon time approached, I'm super happy I wore the most comfy shirt in
my closet!

True to its description, its fabric is very light but it doesn't feel cheap. The stitchings around the shirt are pretty solid. Being lightweight and compact, it's so easy to just stuff it in your bag.  

Airy and comfortable, it's perfect for hiking in the tropics. I feel like I'm not wearing anything  - which is really good when the air is humid and you're sweating so much. A shirt which come in women and men's sizes costs 14.90 USD or around 745 Pesos. While it's not as cheap as digging an old shirt from the closet,  it's a worthwhile investment for a frequent hiker. I should also tell you that technical shirts from other popular outdoor brands range from 1,500 Pesos so their pricing is quite reasonable.

The design is minimal -  colored shirts with the FitGear logo near the sleeves, making it easy to pair with any pants, shorts or shoes. 

Tip : You can get it cheaper if you buy 2 or more pieces so I recommend ordering it with friends or perhaps a gift to a fellow outdoor lover.  
FitGear's products. Men's shirts are also available. (Screenshot taken from FitGear's website)
I'm always on the lookout for good brands that can help me have a more enjoyable time outdoors, without spending too much and FitGear is one great find!

Order online here.
Payment method is via PayPal, Visa or Mastercard
*product ships from Malaysia

Use the following codes at checkout to get a discount! 
Note : The discount codes are worth 5$ and valid only once per customer

Tips on purchasing online :
Before making a purchase, check out the size guide to avoid ordering an incorrect size. It's available on the product's page, just below the photos of the shirt. 

If you're curious about what else I wear during a typical hike, here's the rest of it : 
- compression pants  
- hiking socks made of merino wool or 100% cotton (it's durable, breathable and super comfy!)
- waterproof hiking shoes
-  bandana, it's very useful to prevent sweat from getting in your eyes. You can also wear it on your arm to wipe off dirt or sweat. 

NOTE : FitGear provided me a shirt to review and I'm happy with the product thus, I wrote this post.  I don't earn anything if you buy from them. 

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