How to Spend a Weekend in Siargao

If you just have a weekend in Siargao, well, you're indeed not doing justice with yourself or the trip! :) After all, it's simply impossible to enjoy the natural beauty and splendor of this beautiful island of the Philippines in two days.  Given unlimited time, one can easily spend a whole month here and still not get tired of the vacation. If you were able to book flights to Siargao online and only have a weekend to spare, what you can do is plan your itinerary well to make the most of your trip. The right time to come to Siargao will depend on what you're looking for. While many go during the peak season, others prefer it when it's less crowded. July to November is the best time for surfing in Siargao but outside the peak season, there are also plenty of things to do out here.
Sugba Lagoon (Photo by Haya Benitez. License CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


Here's how to cover the most on those two days you have in Siargao.

Start the day with a trip to Sugba Lagoon, and the busty of it sure to make your jaw drop. Spend some great time here and jump off into the lagoon or paddle in the aquamarine water. After all, there’s nothing more relaxing than going to the beach and just lying down, gazing at the blue skies. Why not take out some time to learn how to surf as Siargao is the surf capital of the Philippines. Locate an uncrowded surf area and get trained by an expert. Some of the most popular spots for surfing include G1, Cloud 9, Pansukian Reef, Daku Reef, and Pacifico. These spots are well known for beginner classes and are popular as surf spots. Once you’ve tried surfing, why not check out the Taktak Falls. This is indeed an off-the-beaten-path for the tourists that’s worth a visit. You are in the most amazing countryside of Siargao and will find yourself surrounded by the lush green vegetation, and the views - priceless!

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Spend the Sunday on an island-hopping excursion and explore the nearby islands like Naked, Daku, and Guyam Islands. Discover the white sandy beaches with gorgeous turquoise waters. You can relax on the beaches or swim in the gorgeous clear waters or explore the charming fishing villages. Once you are done with island tours, take out time to enjoy the Magpupungko Rock Pools. All you need to do is rent a motorbike and explore the town on your own and head towards the north where the rock pools are located. You can rent out a motorbike or hire a habal-habal , based on your preferences and budget. There are lovely beaches, and you can locate an uncrowded spot to explore beyond the main pool. The natural rock formations look very impressive, and tourists love to swim deep down in those natural pools that are bounded by a large reef. And if you still have time, why not go to the Coconut Palm Forest, which is a short drive away.

  • As flights to Siargao can be expensive, book ahead and take advantage of cheap Jetstar flights for lower fares. 
  • As there are not plenty of ATMs on the islands, it is best to carry ample cash with you when you arrive here. 
  • Refill your water bottle and apply loads of sunscreen as you will need them both. 
  • Enjoy the Seafood, which is pretty inexpensive here, and you can gorge on the fresh catch of fishermen just out of the sea. 
  • Where to stay in Siargao - the majority of tourists prefer to stay somewhere near General Luna as the area is close to restaurants, tours, bars, and hotels.
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