A Day Hike at Mt. Talinis (Apolong to Bediao Trail)

Rain poured heavily as we began our hike in Apolong, Valencia. It was 7:00 AM, an hour later than we had intended to start. A mix-up with our transportation caused the delay but nevertheless, we welcomed the early morning shower.  As we approached the first hour of our hike,  I'm drenched from head to foot, a mix of perspiration, rain and mud. It sounds icky but I can't complain. We were in a mountain, breathing fresh air. As we walked on mud, a squishy sound followed us and I joyfully squealed inside. It's my favorite sound! 

After three hours, we arrived at the  junction leading to the Twin Falls. The falls are 15 minutes off the trail and though the cascades were not yet visible to to us, we could hear the roar of the water, its strong current flowing into the river we were walking on. 

What a marvellous reveal it was when we finally arrived at its base - two towering waterfalls, surrounded by thick vegetation. The sound of water hitting the pool and rocks was deafening, it commanded our full attention. We spent half an hour taking photos and admiring the view that we had to ourselves. The hike could have ended there and it would have been worth it.
with Nylor and PJ at the twin falls
As we went on our hike, the trail became more  steeper. Soon, we found ourselves entangled in nature's obstacle course. As though we haven't had enough challenges, several traps were set along the way, in the form of thorny bushes, growing surreptitiously low in the forest floor. If your legs get caught up, it sends a sharp pain on your skin, like someone had pricked you with a pin and drew a line with it. 
Ed of EAZYtraveler.net
After passing the painful traps, we arrived  to a huge grassland with a hut, table and bench and water source, an ideal spot to take our lunch. Continuing our hike, the trail got steeper and more challenging but seeing interesting plants and flowers around was quite invigorating. Since we were all plant enthusiasts, we stopped numerous times to admire what we saw and took photos so we could get its name after.

Soon, we arrived at the sulfuric vents. With the sight of dead trees and mist covering the tree tops, the environment reminded me of a winter hike in Rattray Marsh in Canada, minus the stench of rotten eggs, characteristic of the smell of sulfur. 
sulfuric vents area. (Photo by Ed)
Our last stop was at Lake Yagumyum, a small lake with a mountain serving as its backdrop.  With mist on its peaks and tall grasses everywhere, it felt like we were in a lost world with a pterodactyl about to appear from the sky, any second 

3.5 hours away is a bigger lake, Nailig. It serves as the primary campsite for those who are spending a night at Mt. Talinis. From there, the summit is 2 hours away. Much as I wanted to see Lake Nailig and  the summit, it was too late to press on.

From Lake Yagumyum, we hiked down Bediao Trail in Dauin. By 4:40 PM, we were back at the trail head, where a hired tricycle was waiting to bring us back to Dumaguete. There are no amenities here but it's  near to beach resorts. Our group however, opted to travel back to the city on wet clothes so we could have a good dinner and catch the movie, Onward (it's a good one!). :P 
all smiles as we reached the end of the trail. 

Though we weren't fated to see the summit on this hike, seeing the Twin Falls, the sulfur vents and having a quiet time at Lake Nailig made up for a wonderful day hike. 

6:00 AM - pick-up from hotel in Dumaguete city
6:30 AM - arrival at registration area at Apolong. Fill up forms.
7:00 AM - Start hike via Apolong, Valencia-Casaroro jump-off
10:00 AM - arrival at Twin Falls
10:30 AM - depart from Twin Falls
11:15 AM - lunch
12:00 PM - resume hike
12:30 PM - arrival at Sulfur vents
1:00 PM - resume hike
2:30 PM - arrival at Lake Nailig
3:00 PM - resume hike
4:40 PM - ETA, Bediao exit point. Take tricycle back to Dumaguete
5:15 PM - ETA, Dumaguete City

For other helpful information sources, check out the traveler reviews at Trip Advisor.

Guide:1500/group (Contact:Jerald Quitoy Tilos: +63 9561974734)
Transpo: 600/pax(from hotel to jump off vv. Contact : Joker +63 965-802-7495)
Climb permit: 50/pax
Total= 1025/pax

Hotel Nicanor (booked through Agoda) - clean rooms, friendly staff, near to ATMs, restaurants. Highly recommended if you're looking and fast internet. 

Thanks to PJ for organizing this hike! 

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