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Beach Football 2007 in Subic

Doreen and Me - Riding a van on our way to our Hotel - (Winter Pavillion of the Grand Seasons Hotel) looking so sweaty Crashing Xavier and Marcus' Hotel Room at the Legenda Hotel and Casino (whooo..posh..but not too posh is it..walang libreng WIFI!)The rest of the team - Lancer, Nadine, Monica and Myka crash into the boy's room and we all knew we will all be lacking sleep. The Burrito girls - Erin, Karen (my lil sis) and DoreenHot, tired but never lacking energy for the camera - LFC Alabang Awwww...Friends for Life?!! Let's Get it On - Me struggling to steal the ball from this girl from UP One of the major sponsors of the tournament was San Miguel Beer. All the teams were made to wear the shirts they gave out at the registrationSan Miguel Beer - Walang Katulad talaga! Thank you also to Legenda and ANC for sponsoring this event!Look to the left side of this picture and you will see two empty cans of San Miguel Beer. The tremendous heat made all of us so thirsty and since Sa…

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