Cooking With McCormick Pasta Mix

Happy Easter Everyone!

I had a boring weekend which consisted sleeping off the whole Saturday. I incurred sleep debt so I felt tired the entire day and I got a painful headache during the night so I couldn't do much. Sunday morning - I woke up early to catch mass. Then after that, I cooked pasta. It's herb and garlic pasta with Tuna. It's really very easy to do! I'm into pasta lately since it's so convenient to make. Anyway,here's my recipe.

1. 500 grams Fuscili Pasta, cooked (actually, any pasta that you prefer). Fuscili is the twisted short pasta. They're really cute.
2. Mc Cormick Basil Leaves (the one that comes in little bottles)
3. Mc Cormick Herba and Garlic Pasta Mix (I used two bags of these) - you can find this in the M Cormick section of most grocery stores. They come in 30 grams net weight. I got mine in Rustan's Supermarket in Shangri-la Mall)

4. 1 can of Century tuna Light or other variants in oil (just as long as they do not come in Mechado or something)

5. Grated Cheese

Just a sidenote, the Herb and Garlic Pasta mix are good for 200 grams worth of pasta but it's salty enough so two packs could actually suite 500 grams of pasta.

*I spent about 200 pesos for everything.

1. Cook the pasta.Boil in water with cooking oil and salt. After pasta is cooked, drain it and put butter on it for added taste.
2. In a separate pan, put oil and fry the tuna. Add the cooked pasta and mix in the Mc Cormic Herb and Pasta mix and the basil leaves.
Cook for 5 minutes or until you're sure everything has been mixed well and voila! You have your professional looking pasta. Be sure to use nice glass bowls or plates to put ur pasta on it. You may also want to garlic bread from French Baker or something else for extra drama.

I think I did good this time. My brothers actually liked what I cooked. My last disaster was about two months ago when I cooked too much pasta and realized that my pasta mix wasn't enough. It tasted really dry, plus the pasta got too crunchy because I over-cooked it and we had to throw most of it away. Such a waste.

Thank you Mc Cormick for making cooking a whole lot easier for impatient people like me. =) Mc Cormick also came up with other pasta mixes like for Carbonara, pesto, etc. You gotta check it out. =) They're sold for 40 pesos or less a pack. Very affordable!

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