Beach Football 2007 in Subic

Doreen and Me - Riding a van on our way to our Hotel - (Winter Pavillion of the Grand Seasons Hotel) looking so sweaty

Crashing Xavier and Marcus' Hotel Room at the Legenda Hotel and Casino (whooo..posh..but not too posh is it..walang libreng WIFI!)

The rest of the team - Lancer, Nadine, Monica and Myka crash into the boy's room and we all knew we will all be lacking sleep.

The Burrito girls - Erin, Karen (my lil sis) and Doreen

Hot, tired but never lacking energy for the camera - LFC Alabang

Awwww...Friends for Life?!!

Let's Get it On - Me struggling to steal the ball from this girl from UP

One of the major sponsors of the tournament was San Miguel Beer. All the teams were made to wear the shirts they gave out at the registration

San Miguel Beer - Walang Katulad talaga! Thank you also to Legenda and ANC for sponsoring this event!

Look to the left side of this picture and you will see two empty cans of San Miguel Beer. The tremendous heat made all of us so thirsty and since San Miguel was a major sponsor, they gave all the teams one whole case of San Miguel Beer right before the games started. Wayy to go San Miguel!!!


Karen, seryoso?!

Chilling during one of our breaks

ANC - the news network was also there to cover the event. Nadine gets interviewed from our team

Soccer Sisters - My sister played goalee and midfield while I did defense.

Setting aside the fun we had together as a team having our usual crazy moments (mostly care of Lancer’s creative and wild antics), the beach football tournament was rather drastic. Most of us (me included) didn’t have acceptable endurance to play the whole 14 minutes. Grabe! It was only 14 minutes per game (plus one minute time to switch fields) but it was torture! Most of us haven’t played in ages and we weren’t able to practice as a team so you can just imagine how we will fair as a group. Anyway, in the elimination round, we competed with three other teams – UP, Baguio and Philippine Science. I didn’t get to play the whole three games because I had to leave Subic early to rush to our team building in Pansol, Laguna. I must really be crazy not to choose just one activity. Travelling from Subic to Laguna was agony to my butt. I travelled for a total of about 7 hours of the entire day. Plus, both activities for me were bitin. I didn’t get to spend much time with my teammates and my officemates because I had to divide my time. Anyway, I shouldn’t complain. It was a personal achievement for me to commute from Subic to Laguna. I didn’t really know where the resort was. I just followed the map and instructions they gave out and I also kept asking questions to everyone – strangers, my officemates. It’s like being on Amazing Race – only I didn’t have a partner. A tip I learned on traveling alone without a car– ask the people in the terminal for directions - ask questions and pay attention to the person you’re talking to. Sometimes they would tell you to go left and their hands would be pointing on the other direction so you really have to be attentive and repeat to them the directions they tell you. Best people to ask are the locals and people in the terminal. Anyway..I still have lots of stories but I'll write about it some other time.

ooohh..bloopers know the first thing I ate Saturday morning of April 21 was sand! I think it was against Baguio and I fell down taking in a huge amount of sand inside my mouth. My mouth got so dry after that and I tried to get substituted but everybody was beat up and I couldn't get off the field. Thank God the ref blew his whistle a few minutes after . To top it all, my friend Rea told me I had sand morsels (tinga) on my teeth!...Is this the new breakfast of the champs?! Hahahaha! No was worst than swallowing a whole piece of polvoron but then again..polvoron is real food and sand hardly is.

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