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One Little Deed, One Big Impact to the World

Lately, I’ve been coming home seeing one piece of plastic bag lying on the cement floor near our gate, most likely thrown by some cretin. I always feel bothered every time I see one, that I can’t resist picking it up so I canproperly dispose it in our own garbage can. At first, I was annoyed having to do it because it just reminds me how thoughtless people can be. Have they no care to the world they live in?! Have theylost respect for themselves that it doesn’t matter if their surroundings are dirty because of them? Hayy..such angst..but then I learned to cope with these people…I can’t change people..they need to change for themselvesso I decided to look at these plastics I see lying around as opportunities to help improve things around our lil old town. Each time I had to pick one plastic from our gate, I feel happy because that’s one lesstrash off our streets.Youshould try doing it... make something good out of bending over.Hehe! Hopefully, time will come when every place is spic an…

Hike Love

I am currently reminisicing my previous climbs/travels and I dug some pictures which brings back fond memories. I especially love this one. This was taken this year when me and my homies from our wholesome threesome -  me with my two other buddies - Glee and Ren, climbed mt. Manabu. I insisted on carrying a half-opened buko all the way to the campsite while we proceeded with an uphill trek towards the latter part. I slipped a couple of times but I proudly made it while occasionally cursing at the buko. My buddies kept on laughing at me all the way up.
Here's another one: How can I forget the climb that reignited my passion for adventure?! This was also the climb that got my heart pumping double time because we had to cross a cable wire suspended more than 10 feet from the river and I wasn't completely over my acrophobia! Another favorite picture of mine...Our group shot while impatiently waiting for our boat in Pundakit beach. This was the first time I went to Anawangin Cove. Th…

Jewels of La Paz, Ilocos Norte

The sand is dark brown and the waves we saw made swimming impossible for the faint of heart and defintely scared the wits out of regular people like me. I didn’t see any cottage and if you want to change to dry clothes, you’re going to have to hide under a tree – that is, if you can find one. There are no commercial establishments near the area and on a weekend, we had the shore to ourselves. I love this place.We arrived here in the afternoon, about two hours before sunset. We had to leave when it started getting dark. Short as my stay was, I had an incredible time here with just me, my friends and the strong waves. We just sat near the shore, under these incredibly smooth pebbles and just prepared ourselves and guts for the strong two feet waves which had the power to scatter our group in different places. *pictures courtesy of MonetteWhat Else to See ? The famous sand dunes of La Paz which is within walking distance from the shore. The trike ride to the beach is also filled with fas…

What I Missed in Kwebang Lampas

Kwebang Lampas or KL as I enjoy calling it, is an island in Pagbilao, Quezon. It is a place that has intrigued me for some time because it’s only a couple of hours away (about five hours) from Manila and yet not a lot of people have ventured there. I was told that getting there would be easy but you really have to plan because of the limited bus and jeepney schedules. My friends from my backpacking group explored the place last September and they haven’t forgiven me for skipping this trip. They even took a group shot especially for me.With pictures like these, who wouldn’t cry over a missed trip? The controversial events that transpired on this trip are narrated here : I love what my friends wrote. Please check these out, you'll enjoy reading these:

One Day at a Time – The Ilocandia-Benguet Experience

Here’s a rundown on my butt-numbing vacation up northern Luzon. Our original plan was just to go to our friend Monette’s house in Ilocos Norte and swim in Pagudpud but we decided to deviate from the plan and do a little exploring.

Day 1 – October 17, 2008 – Friday Viva Vigan! Travel Battalion : 3 and a half girls – That’s me, Connie, Monette and her 6 year old daughter Ira. 1:00 AM – Departure from Manila to Vigan via Partas bus (Fare 645 pesos; airconditioned; no restroom on board but there are about 2-3 restroom breaks); Terminal is in Sampaloc, Manila Notes: •Travel time took approximately 9 hours •First thing we did was haunt for food! We asked the trike driver and he pointed us to an eatery called Jaizel which is a 3-5 minute trike ride away from the Partas Terminal in Vigan . Food was cheap – costs as little as 35 pesos per variand plus you have to pay for rice which was about 5-10 pesos ; serving size was small though but tasted good enough. Crisologo Museum •After checking with the…

The Long Road to Cagbalete

Last weekend was a bittersweet reunion with my backpacking group – ECOFBackpackers Pinas. We set off to explore this beautiful island to bid farewell party to one of our members - Gay. She will be exploring an employment opportunity overseas and would be gone for two years. Waaa…Gay was the one who introduced me to the world of backpacking and I had just gotten to know her at a slightly deeper level, a year ago when we climbed Mt. Manalmon last year. She will surely be missed and she announced that there’s no way, she’s leaving town without a farewell backpacking trip.
Our chosen destination was Cagbalete Island in Mauban Quezon which is now becoming popular as an excellent beach hideaway, an antithesis of the famous Boracay. As usual, I got everything polished before our journey and based from what I dug from several blogs - getting there would be a breeze.
There were 6 of us in the group – most of them, I haven’t seen in months – and there’s Tristan – who I met for the very first tim…

Mt. Cristobal – The Second Time Around

Over the weekend, I participated in a tree planting and climbing event in Mt. Cristobal, Quezon province. I first explored this beautiful mountain last January 2008 with another group and the return trip turned out just as memorable and fun. I really like the terrain of this mountain. It provides a feast of challenging up and down trails, boulder-hugging affairs, slippery cemented trails and some thrilling parts where we had to cling to roots to get to the other side while glancing over a cliff.

The pictures below are all from Anne (thanks Anne!). I didn’t take any. :P
Montelibano's Resthouse - this is located approximately one hour from where the van dropped us off. From the nearest barangay to here, the trek is about 45 minutes of upward trails.
With Anthony and past 1:00 PM, the light trek felt grueling

My and Anne with the seedlings..We planted the seedlings, a few feet away from the trail. 

Dinner time. We reached the campsite near the crated after 3 1/2 hours of trekk…