Jewels of La Paz, Ilocos Norte

The sand is dark brown and the waves we saw made swimming impossible for the faint of heart and defintely scared the wits out of regular people like me. I didn’t see any cottage and if you want to change to dry clothes, you’re going to have to hide under a tree – that is, if you can find one. There are no commercial establishments near the area and on a weekend, we had the shore to ourselves. I love this place.

We arrived here in the afternoon, about two hours before sunset. We had to leave when it started getting dark. Short as my stay was, I had an incredible time here with just me, my friends and the strong waves. We just sat near the shore, under these incredibly smooth pebbles and just prepared ourselves and guts for the strong two feet waves which had the power to scatter our group in different places.

*pictures courtesy of Monette

What Else to See ? The famous sand dunes of La Paz which is within walking distance from the shore. The trike ride to the beach is also filled with fascinating view of trees and hills.

How to get to La Paz ?

I posted some information here :

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