Mt. Cristobal – The Second Time Around

Over the weekend, I participated in a tree planting and climbing event in Mt. Cristobal, Quezon province. I first explored this beautiful mountain last January 2008 with another group and the return trip turned out just as memorable and fun. I really like the terrain of this mountain. It provides a feast of challenging up and down trails, boulder-hugging affairs, slippery cemented trails and some thrilling parts where we had to cling to roots to get to the other side while glancing over a cliff.

The pictures below are all from Anne (thanks Anne!). I didn’t take any. :P

Montelibano's Resthouse - this is located approximately one hour from where the van dropped us off. From the nearest barangay to here, the trek is about 45 minutes of upward trails.

With Anthony and past 1:00 PM, the light trek felt grueling

My and Anne with the seedlings..We planted the seedlings, a few feet away from the trail. 

Dinner time. We reached the campsite near the crated after 3 1/2 hours of trekking from Montelibano

Victim#1 - Danno dripping wet from the trek back to Montelibano's rest house...lucky for  some of us, we got here before rain started pouring.

And here's lucky Victim#2 - Edchi. Both he and Danno came prancing to Montelibano's house dripping wet from the rain while singing some girly song. It was such a funny sight that everyone got teary-eyed from laughing

Clean at last! This was at the Bato resort - about 45 Minutes away from Mt. Cristobal jump-off. This is a cheap, nice resort where you will have the option to swim in the pool or in the man-made river. Oh, look at my jersey - I love it. This is what our team is wearing for the 2008 office inter-site football tournament

Homeward bound

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