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Last Minute Climbing Trip in Gulugod Baboy, Batangas

This trip was back in 2007 when I was pretty new at organizing trips. Me and my friend finalized the venue like a day before we left. I have never been to the place and only found about it because a friend suggested it was a safe place for two crazy girls on a last minute mountain adventure.
My hiking buddy for that day is a good friend from HS who I trust with my life. It was her first mountain climbing trip and she had been wanting to try the sport. I had been hiking in mountains since college but I wasn’t an expert. I just love  the outdoors. I got the itinerary and information by researching from the web. (I love Google!)
We started trekking around 10:45 AM. Sun was high and there was no wind. I can still remember how humid it was. We didn’t see anyone else climbing and we almost missed the entry point to the mountain. We just laughed it off. In fact, laughter got us through all our misadventures that weekend. Less than an hour of trekking, Bitchay’s shoe – last used in HS when sh…

My Dream Baguio Trip

I terribly miss Baguio’s cold, gloomy weather. Last time I was there was last April 2010 when I participated at a trail run event organized by The North Face. I was with my favorite trail running buddies. I was also able to meet with a friend who now resides in Baguio and currently running his own bar with his brother – former football playmates of mine. My friend took me to Oh My Gulay, a restaurant that serves vegetarian meals amidst a cozy setting of  plants and old furnitures.
Well, I’ve always had fond memories of Baguio. Me and my mom used to go there a lot back when we were monitoring the renovation of our property there. We never lived in it. It was given to my dad as payment for his services as a financial adviser or something and we sold it during hard times. Since I was not into backpacking back then, I never had the chance to roam alone and explore it for myself.  Even when I got older, Baguio was always a destination with friends.
Now I want to go back to Baguio and embar…

Baguio Travel Information + Itinerary

Hola! I'm sharing some Baguio travel information I researched for a friend who’s going on a budget date to Baguio. :) 

Disclaimer : All information provided are based from online research and what I read from trip advisor. I have documented all information sources as well. 

How to Get to Baguio  Visit this link to get the schedules and fares of Victory Liner buses going to Baguio. Victory Liner is a favorite of many travelers as it has numerous trips and terminals from Manila. Fare coming from the Cubao Terminal is 445 Pesos (one way). Victory Liner also offers Deluxe buses, supposedly more comfortable but I've never tried it as it's more expensive (715 Pesos). I never had problems with the regular aircon buses so I'd like to think I'm not missing much. 
Where to Eat
1.  Oh My Gulay –romantic vibe, artsy restaurant – near KFC Session Road; Price of Food : 200 Pesos/Meal (with Drinks); Tip: Upo ka sa pinakataas kasi maganda sunset dito. Tska romantic atmosphere.hehe; Ty…

Hell Time with Wedges

Written : October 15, 2010
Yesterday was the worst fashion experience I’ve had in my entire life.  I got home feeling helpless, weak, sweaty and  with unbelievably swollen feet. It looked even worse than my toes when we climbed Mt. Guiting-Guiting a year ago  At least during that climbing trip, I was wearing a comfortable, reliable pair of Merrell footwear.  Yesterday, I wore this chic pair of wedges – approximately 3-4 inches in height.  My legs looked longer on it and the best thing of all is that it matches my cute “Blair Waldorf”-inspired dress. Unfortunately, looking chic can be a pain especially if you can’t afford those uber comfortable high-heeled designer shoes. The first few minutes I walked in it were quite bearable but it made my pace so much slower. I used to overtake almost every pedestrian in the street but on my gruesome lady wedges, I moved like I had all the time in the world. That meant I felt  more tensed. I was used to having everything in a blur.  With yesterday’s…

Hanging Tough

This is not a rant. Please be patient and read through the end.
I have a lot to frown about this year. 2010 brought me a string of unfortunate events in both my personal life and career. As if those weren’t enough, I have all these little annoying circumstances that happened to me in the past few weeks : 1. I just had a bad haircut and now my hair which normally looks nice, is always in messy ruffles..Arrgh, I don’t do messy ruffles. 2. My cellphone broke for the second time – just when I’ve gotten used to using a Qwerty keypad. It’s back at the repair shop and I’m just waiting for them to replace my phone if it doesn’t get fixed. Apparently, there’s something wrong with the software (entirely not my fault I assure you). 3. I gained weight so I need to go back at lessening my food intake because I don’t get to exercise much. I’m tired and don’t like running in pavements. 4. This one is not a minor thing and I wish it didn’t have to happen. I don’t want to divulge any details becaus…

Charmed by A Phlebotomist

The sight of a phlebotomist usually insights fear to people who are afraid of blood or those who are wary of needles. Though I do not suffer from such, I do feel icky when undergoing blood tests. I mean, who enjoys getting pricked right? I may be eccentric, but I’m not in that level. Hehe!
Serendipity. That’s how I  would call what happened yesterday afternoon when we went to the hospital to visit our friend and fellow outdoorsman Adrian who is in the hospital due to a lump near his heart. We were hoping to donate blood as well should he need it for his treatment. Several of our friends were not qualified to donate blood so there were only 3 of us who went to get our blood test.
It was a mini adventure trying to locate the blood bank. It was in a separate building which we found by asking the staff. It was like passing through a maze to get there. I was particularly amused at the interesting business establishments around the hospital such as Red Ribbon, Jollibee, Delifrance, Figaro, D…