Hell Time with Wedges

 Written : October 15, 2010

Yesterday was the worst fashion experience I’ve had in my entire life.  I got home feeling helpless, weak, sweaty and  with unbelievably swollen feet. It looked even worse than my toes when we climbed Mt. Guiting-Guiting a year ago  At least during that climbing trip, I was wearing a comfortable, reliable pair of Merrell footwear.  Yesterday, I wore this chic pair of wedges – approximately 3-4 inches in height.  My legs looked longer on it and the best thing of all is that it matches my cute “Blair Waldorf”-inspired dress. Unfortunately, looking chic can be a pain especially if you can’t afford those uber comfortable high-heeled designer shoes. The first few minutes I walked in it were quite bearable but it made my pace so much slower. I used to overtake almost every pedestrian in the street but on my gruesome lady wedges, I moved like I had all the time in the world. That meant I felt  more tensed. I was used to having everything in a blur.  With yesterday’s pace, I had time to feel the wind, witness the birds flying from the sky and see the face of every commuter that walked ahead of me. Although moving slower does have its optimistic perspectives,  I hated the feeling of being constricted from moving as fast as I wanted. And since it took a lot of effort for me to move from one point to another, I was less cheerful than normal. No wonder some fashionable women in heels appear either  snobbish or fragile, with the pain one incurs from wearing these hideous footwear, who would have the energy to be sociable?! I  promise myself to  be extra understanding to bitches on heels after having been able to feel a piece of their agony. It was not my first time on heels but it’s been a while since I stepped out of my flat shoes so I was practically back to being a heels-virgin.

I was supposed to wear my chic shoes today  for a very special appointment but I just couldn’t muster the strength to have it on my feet again. Now I’m back to my black, comfy flats. I got to my destination earlier two hours before schedule and I have the strength again to smile at every individual I came across with. Yes! Life is great again! I’d probably get another pair  but one that’s more realistically wearable and fits my lifestyle. I absolutely love the way wedges make my legs appear acceptable in size. Trust me, on a normal day, I have one of the biggest and muscular legs you’ll witness from a lady(?!). 

Note to Self:  Being fashionable is great. You just need to find  something that goes with your personality. You don’t need to wear the same stuff models wear. In the end, it still boils down to comfort and efficiency in  savvy styles.

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