Hanging Tough

This is not a rant. Please be patient and read through the end.

I have a lot to frown about this year. 2010 brought me a string of unfortunate events in both my personal life and career. As if those weren’t enough, I have all these little annoying circumstances that happened to me in the past few weeks : 1. I just had a bad haircut and now my hair which normally looks nice, is always in messy ruffles..Arrgh, I don’t do messy ruffles. 2. My cellphone broke for the second time – just when I’ve gotten used to using a Qwerty keypad. It’s back at the repair shop and I’m just waiting for them to replace my phone if it doesn’t get fixed. Apparently, there’s something wrong with the software (entirely not my fault I assure you). 3. I gained weight so I need to go back at lessening my food intake because I don’t get to exercise much. I’m tired and don’t like running in pavements. 4. This one is not a minor thing and I wish it didn’t have to happen. I don’t want to divulge any details because I’m hoping that one of these days, this issue I have with someone I know for years will get resolved. What else, I guess that’s about it. Now that I’ve written those down, it does not seem a lot but those got to me because on top of my bigger issues, they came in perfect timing!

But being the ever optimistic person that I am, I choose to be happy and face all these challenges head on. I am blessed to have the ability to smile wholeheartedly even if things are going rough, even more blessed to have the support of my family and an amazing set of friends. It’s been tough but I am confident in God’s power that everything will be fine again. I just need to hold on a bit tighter. I’ve also been blessed to have the opportunity to travel and try all these amazing adventures. What else, oh yes, I became an emotionally stronger person, much more stronger than I was before. That alone gives me happiness in this trying phase in my life.

I can feel the I am nearing the end of the tunnel – right where all the light is. One of these days, I will get to that point in life where I am supposed to be but for now, I just need to hang in there and hang tough until I get there. :)

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