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Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the Road : Toiletry Kit

I’m flying to CamSur tomorrow to join a 22KM Trail running event organized by The North Face and my bag isn't ready!

Being one heck of a lazy packer, I often put off packing up to the last minute and it’s not because I have an overwhelmingly busy schedule. In fact, I just came from a looong Holy Week break and I spent most of the days doing nothing. Oooh, well, I did clean the bathroom and grouped together my toys (my precious outdoor gears) so I guess I wasn't that lazy. 

How I wish my stuff will magically arrange itself and fit in my tiny green backpack. I've been staring at my pile of junk since I came home this afternoon and everything's still on the same place. Boo.

While I’m trying to gather some inspiration to pack, I’d like to share with you the toiletry kit I bring when I’m traveling.

Insect Repellant, Toothpaste, tooth brush, sunblock, moisturizer, body lotion, soap, deodorant, shampoo

This mesh bag came free with the Tribu sandals I bought back in college. I like it because I can easily hang it practically anywhere and it dries easily. See, some of the places I go to don’t have the perks such a soap dish or spaces where you can put down your kit so I usually just hang it at the door knob or at a small nail on the wall.

I also have 3 separate sets of toiletries to make packing more time-efficient. I have one that stays at home, one that I bring to the office and another that goes with me on the road.

See all those cute bottles and little sachets! :) I didn’t have to spend much on them because some of those are from the hotels where my bro stayed for business. Haha! I still have a load of those that can last for several travels. I also got my sunblock as a freebie from the Lonely Planet magazine launch last year. Nivea's a good sunblock especially the one for the face because it doesn't feel greasy and it's light on the skin.  I also bring Off lotion (another trusted brand) all the time because I’m more terrified of mosquito bites than a snake bike. I hate, hate, hate that itchy feeling. For the face, I don't bring a facial wash anymore if I'm not traveling for more than 3 days. The baby wash serves as both body and facial soap.

Everything I bring are just part of the standard kit except for the lotion and facial moisturizer because I know some people who don’t bother with those two but I’m out in the sun a lot so skin cancer, sunburn and God forbid – premature aging are a threat.

Okay, I gotta go. Here's to more adventures and having fun on the road! :)

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  1. well... you seems to be organized with those toiletries... or maybewo men differs from men in terms of bring too much toiletries... hehehe!!!


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