A Gorgeous Morning Indeed!

I was in Subic last weekend for the Luzon leg of the 2011 Kicksand Beach Football tournament. Wohoo! It's my first time to play again after a year of rest from competitive football. I played for my club, LFC Alabang, which is an informal club comprised of ex-varsity players from the south.

It was the morning after a day of playing under the scorching sun and my body was sore - ah  the price you pay when you go against competitive and strong-willed  women!

After washing up, I set off to watch the men’s tournament who were scheduled to play at the beach a few blocks from our hotel. As I stepped out of the door, whoa!!! All I saw where all these guys  from one team stretching against the wall. Muscles of all sorts greeted me. I couldn’t even remember one face.

It was such an adoring sight which a football enthusiast , particularly a female football addict such as myself would gleefully appreciate.

I can only wish that every time I walk out the door, this type of wonderful view will welcome  my "innocent" eyes. 

Okay, this photo hardly says anything at all and I really wish you could have seen it with me. :P

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I adore  football players. They are brave, confident, determined and fun-loving. :)

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