Oh Dear April

April has always been associated with summer, my least favorite season as it’s always been hot and humid. But this year onwards, I swore to myself to dwell more on happy thoughts, so rather than spend the first month of summer mocking the heat, I decided to engage in several fun activities that will make me feel gleeful of the dry and humid weather.

Here’s my line-up for the summer :

April 2 or 3 – Best Food Forward Bazaar. What better way to start the first weekend of April by surrounding yourself with tasty treats?! :P

April 9 – trail run and hike a mountain

April 16 – play at the Kicksand Beach Football Tournament in Subic. Well hopefully – we’re still lacking a couple of players and I haven’t heard from the rest of the team. Anyway, even if I won’t get to play, I will still go to support my fellow footballers.

April 23-23 weekend – hmm, I don’t know. Maybe – travel solo or just sleep the weekend away! Doing nothing is such a luxury these days.

April 30 – Go somewhere nice in CamSur. I have decided not to reveal the location of my side trip to everyone. The following day – 1st of May, I will be joining a trail running event organized by The North Face. Yipee! I have decided to join the 22KM event instead of 50KM as initially planned because the registration fee for the 50KM event is way too expensive!

Cheers to an awesome April! May everyone enjoy summer!

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