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Cebu : Mactan Shrine Park

I''ve been to Cebu about four times already and I still haven't seen much! Gosh, that place has a lot to offer  from  great  food, shopping sprees, adventure destinations, historical sites and more! I haven't even gone to the great beaches yet. I heard the ones in Malapascua, Bantayan and San Remigio are amazing.
On my most recent trip, which was last year (haha, sorry, this is an overdue post), I chanced on Mactan Shrine Park while I was roaming the resorts around Punta Engaño  in Mactan Island. I just finished an ocular at Abaca Resort and Crimsort Resort & Spa. I used to be in charge of piecing together adventure tours. It was a fun and tiring job and occasionally, I miss it! Especially now that I've transferred to a new work which is totally different from what I used to do.  Now I am in the office the entire day and engaged in conference calls twice a week with people from Australia, China and Malaysia. Hihi. Now that I got a hang of my work, I am sort of …

Attempt # 1 – To Finish an Ultramarathon

Part of my adventure list was to join a 50KM trail running event and finish it within cut-off time.  Last Saturday, I took a shot at this dream when I joined the 57 KM Valley Trail Challenge in Nuvali organized by Front Runner Magazine.  What I originally signed up for was only for 50KM but the organizers added 7KM  to the route as freebies.  I wish I can tell you that it was a victorious attempt but unfortunately – all that mental training, protein loading and running before work weren't enough for me to make it all the way through. I’m still smiling though because I  was able to finish 34KM. That’s the farthest I’ve gone in a trail running event ever since I discovered the sport back in 2009.  Hooray! This only means that  I will be in the look-out for future ultramarathons, continue training and  will never give up until I finally finish one!  So how does it feel to run 34KM?! I feel great - except that I’m feeling some pain at the top of my left foot. It never hu…

Adventure Bucket List

Borrowing an idea I got from visiting several blogs, I decided to come up with my own bucket list of adventures :
1. Hike Machu Picchu and the Amazon jungle in Peru 2. Finish a 50 KM Trail running event 3. Podium finish at a Trail running event 4. Hike Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka 5. See the Grand Canyon 6. Ride an ultra light plane 7. Mother of All Adventures: Space travel – which is insanely expensive (20-35 Million USD – insane!) but not impossible. In fact, there have been several successful space travel made by rich people (around 3 of them or so, hehe). Maybe one day I can finally afford it. I wonder what I can do to earn that much moolah.
I think those are it for now. Hahaha! Given all these adventures, it’s going to take a lifetime of hard work to afford these.
How about you, what’s yours?
Don’t be afraid to list them because if you focus and work hard enough for it, it will come true. Ever since I started believing that, I was able to tick off some items off my old lists.
And here’s a…

A Not so Lonely Solo Hike

As part of my training for my first ultramarathon next weekend, I did a solo day hike in Mt. Maculot this morning. (Ahhh, there I've said it, my first ultra - I'm nervous about that! Please pray for me. I just want to finish within cut-off time which is 9 hours, with a huge smile on my face and if it's not too much to ask - heaping plates of siomai at the finish line. :P ). This mountain is located in Cuenca, Batangas and easily accessible from Manila both by public or private transportation.Though this is where I usually train with friends because of its proximity and steep terrains, it was my first time to go there alone.It was also my first time to get to the summit because we usually just spend our time up until the area popularly known as Rockies which has amaaaaazzzing views. It's really nice up there. You get to walk on top of boulders and from the cliff, see Taal Volcano, the beautiful serene lake and nearby areas in Batangas.
I also met a couple of new friends…

A Sunday Adventure - Makiling Day Hike Traverse

"There is a place like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger. Some say to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter." Alice in Wonderland
I’ve always been amused with Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland - falling into a rabbit’s hole and finding a magical place surrounded with enchanting trees and animals that can talk. That surreal feeling of amazement – close to a dream is what I crave on a regular basis. That’s why every now and then, I disappear from the city and go to the mountains in search of breathtaking views.
Last weekend, I had another one of those dreamlike experiences in a place barely two hours away from Manila. Armed with information downloaded from the internet, I met with my companions at past 3AM and boarded a Lucena-bound bus. Our destination was the Batangas entry point for Mt. Makiling. We planned to traverse and go down at Los Banos, Laguna.
We arrived at the Sto. Tomas (Batangas) public market in less than an hour. From there,…

An Adventurer's Love Story

About 2 weeks ago, I received an email from a friend of mine. Initially I thought it would be one of those spams but when I browsed through the page, I immediately felt happy, hopeful, weak, mushy and a jumble of other emotions.
The content of the email was a reposted article from the Inquirer News website. It was about the wedding of two extraordinary people. The groom was one of our trainers at a Basic Mountaineering Course I took last 2008 - sir Fred Jamili. He was part of the First Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition Team’s technical and support group. He gave out a lecture on Philippine Mountains and even taught us how to tie knots. From what  I knew, he was not in a relationship with anyone at that time. I remember someone even mentioned that he's married to mountains which was easy to believe. His eyes sparkled as he talked about it as though he was referring to an actual woman. I had the impression that he's resolved to loving mountains his entire life and will never tie…