Adventure Bucket List

Borrowing an idea I got from visiting several blogs, I decided to come up with my own bucket list of adventures :

1. Hike Machu Picchu and the Amazon jungle in Peru
2. Finish a 50 KM Trail running event
3. Podium finish at a Trail running event
4. Hike Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka
5. See the Grand Canyon
6. Ride an ultra light plane
7. Mother of All Adventures: Space travel – which is insanely expensive (20-35 Million USD – insane!) but not impossible. In fact, there have been several successful space travel made by rich people (around 3 of them or so, hehe). Maybe one day I can finally afford it. I wonder what I can do to earn that much moolah.

I think those are it for now. Hahaha! Given all these adventures, it’s going to take a lifetime of hard work to afford these.

How about you, what’s yours?

Don’t be afraid to list them because if you focus and work hard enough for it, it will come true. Ever since I started believing that, I was able to tick off some items off my old lists.

And here’s a side story to demonstrate, hihi. One of my dreams in high school was to be able to watch a football game with a professional European team playing. I used to think that I had to travel to Europe to be able to do that and that’s not cheap! Fast forward to 2009, Manchester United, one of the world’s most popular football teams, did an Asian tour and made a stopover at Kuala Lumpur where airline tickets from Clark were much more affordable than going all the way to Europe ! I was able to go and watch them live! They made the big guns play! I saw Wayne Rooney, Owen, Nani, etc. It was surreal and I enjoyed it very much even if I had to travel alone.

I don’t think I’m any more special or luckier than anyone but if I want something, I believe I can have it and I don’t let anything or anyone stop me from getting it. My biggest hurdle so far – (same as what was mentioned by Lilliane Cobiao of – who’s currently in a RTW adventure) – is myself. I can be complacent and too carefree sometimes so it’s quite a struggle.

Oh well, what’s life without “issues” right? :P

Have a great day everyone! Keep the adventures coming!

I think I may have written something like this before. Haha! But I feel like sharing again so thank you for taking time to read this.

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