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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cebu : Mactan Shrine Park

I''ve been to Cebu about four times already and I still haven't seen much! Gosh, that place has a lot to offer  from  great  food, shopping sprees, adventure destinations, historical sites and more! I haven't even gone to the great beaches yet. I heard the ones in Malapascua, Bantayan and San Remigio are amazing.

On my most recent trip, which was last year (haha, sorry, this is an overdue post), I chanced on Mactan Shrine Park while I was roaming the resorts around Punta Engaño  in Mactan Island. I just finished an ocular at Abaca Resort and Crimsort Resort & Spa. I used to be in charge of piecing together adventure tours. It was a fun and tiring job and occasionally, I miss it! Especially now that I've transferred to a new work which is totally different from what I used to do.  Now I am in the office the entire day and engaged in conference calls twice a week with people from Australia, China and Malaysia. Hihi. Now that I got a hang of my work, I am sort of enjoying it. (I use  "sort of" because I believe that there's more to life than putting your  entire devotion to work).

I hailed a jeep from Abaca Resort and went down at the park which I saw from the map I carried.  There weren't a lot of people as it was past the tourist season.  It was such a hot day and I was sweating profusely. I went around and was amused to see that there are several shrines in the area. That time, I wish I had someone telling me the story of each structure.

Magellan Shrine

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Marker reads - “Here on April 27, 1521, Lapu-lapu and his men repulsed the Spanish invaders, killing their leader, Ferdinand Magellan. Thus Lapu-lapu became the first Filipino to have repelled European aggression.”

Dock at the back of the park

It takes less than an hour to tour the entire place but I think I stayed longer just to take in the views.  I had a great time staring at the clouds amidst the clear blue sky.

Aww, Cebu, I shall go back for more! 
Interested in going to Cebu? I found an online resource on the web but I am in no way affiliated with the website. Visit this link for more information - Everything Cebu.


  1. it was raining hard when we went there last 2009... pero nag enjoy pa din kami....

  2. oohh, mas presko..hehe..I like it here, kahit sobrang init nun. :)

  3. first time naming ng punta nakatayo na c lapu-lapu hanggang pagbalik namin nakatayo parin, hehehe, nice post...

  4. k-ivs - hahahaha! nakakatakot naman pag nag-iba sya ng pwesto..hihi :P thank you sa pagbisita. :)

  5. we the PTB cebu guys could have toured you around and explained to you the structures. hehehe.

  6. @lakbay philippines - ooooh! pwede pa ba? Balik ako Cebu :)...will be there December 23 to hike Osmena Peak and go to Moalboal after, wanna join? Bali 23-24 lang ako andun, fly back to Manila ng 24th for Noche Buena, hehe :)

    Can I have your email or FB?


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