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A Destination Run by Nathan Sports

I wish I can be more eloquent but I can only say this - I'm excited!!!
On November 20, which is several days before my birthday,  I will be covering and participating in the first-ever run by Nathan Sports Philippines. For those who are not familiar, here's what Nathan is all about, straight from their website :  "... a world leader of innovative hydration, reflective, and multisport gear and accessories. Nathan's line of race belts and vests, bladder packs, handhelds, runner's packs, bottles, and reflective vests and accessories continue to help athletes of all levels redefine humanly possible. Available in specialty running shops, sporting goods stores, and over 35 countries worldwide, Nathan Performance Gear is a subsidiary of Penguin Brands, Inc."
It will be held within the confines of Tagaytay Highlands where the weather is cold and the roads are steep.  :P It's a destination road run which enables you to travel conveniently, meet new friends and get s…

Ooooh Binondo!

The streets of Binondo can be confusing and disorderly for some, but these characteristics, along with  the promise of delicious Chinese cuisine, make it a  "must visit" for adventurous foodies. 
Being passionate about dumplings, I was especially ecstatic to dedicate a couple of hours of walking and eating around Binondo. 
Our meeting place was the Basilica Minore de San Lorenzo Ruiz (commonly known as Binondo Church). For a moment, I felt disoriented as I made my way to the front entrance. I was confused with the streets, the vehicles and the people.  I immediately saw Jacq & Vivi, followed by Ryan, Marky and Blessie. Incidentally, Ryan who was just invited by his former friend from school to join us, grew up and currently lives in Binondo and would be able to guide us around! Yay! Answered prayer! I did pray for that inside Binondo Church because I do not know my way around Binondo and neither did almost everyone in our group. As the rest were running late, we decided to…

Leavin' my Imprints

Work has been crazy lately and I barely had time to think about hiking or traveling (ooh, now that I've said it, I suddenly miss being in the mountains!). I was too busy trying to catch up with what I needed to learn because there's tons of new processes, a new work tool, reports, conference calls and the like, you know - adult stuff! hahaha! I'm a kid at heart so sometimes I wish things were just simple - like - you smile and a million dollars fall on your lap! Hahaha! Don't we all wish that way?
So anyway, since I have no plans  go hiking - just yet. Let me share with you an event where I will be participating and hope I will see you there.  Basically, there will be an art installation in Cubao Expo organized by Dispatch Magazine and my shoes will be part of it. Along with my shoes are the footwear of other fellow travelers. (Thanks to Upper Viceo of Dispatch & Offbeat Wanders for the excellent opportunity to be with people I look up to!)
Details from Dispatch Maga…