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Work has been crazy lately and I barely had time to think about hiking or traveling (ooh, now that I've said it, I suddenly miss being in the mountains!). I was too busy trying to catch up with what I needed to learn because there's tons of new processes, a new work tool, reports, conference calls and the like, you know - adult stuff! hahaha! I'm a kid at heart so sometimes I wish things were just simple - like - you smile and a million dollars fall on your lap! Hahaha! Don't we all wish that way?

So anyway, since I have no plans  go hiking - just yet. Let me share with you an event where I will be participating and hope I will see you there.  Basically, there will be an art installation in Cubao Expo organized by Dispatch Magazine and my shoes will be part of it. Along with my shoes are the footwear of other fellow travelers. (Thanks to Upper Viceo of Dispatch & Offbeat Wanders for the excellent opportunity to be with people I look up to!)

Details from Dispatch Magazine below:

DISPATCH MAGAZINE brings you IMPRINTS: Soul on Sole // A Travel Art Installation Event

'IMPRINTS' is an art installation and stop motion video screening of DISPATCH MAGAZINE's roster of independent and alternative travelers' favorite footwear. It is all about a traveler's character and personality as defined by his favorite travel footwear; hence, his soul on sole: The places he go; the moments, his passions and experiences herewith.

September 15, 2011 / Cubao X / 7PM

We will be featuring the footwear of our favorite indie travelers!

Luke Landrigan, pro surfer
Jake x Ina x Isla Verzosa, travel and commercial photographer and family
Lilliane Cobiao, Round-the-World traveler www.wanderlass.com
Candie Cobiao, organizer of First 20 Dates, tour guide
Caloy Libosada, author of travel books and UP tourism professor
Robert Alejandro, the sketching backpacker
Travel Factor
Travel Bloggers:
Angel Juarez: www.lakwatsero.com
Arianne Chuidian
Christine Fernandez: www.jovialwanderer.com
Chyng Reyes: www.chyngreyes.com
Dominic Hormigos: www.escapeislands.com
Edgar Alan Zeta Yap: eazytraveler.blogspot.com
Enrico Dee: www.byahilo.com
Erwin Hilao: erwinhilao.tumblr.com
Ferdz Decena: www.ironwulf.net
Gael Hilotin: www.thepinaysolobackpacker.com/
Jan Michellardi: michellardi.tumblr.com
James Betia: www.journeyingjames.com
Lois Yasay and Chi Chi Bacolod: www.wearesolesisters.com
Marky Ramone Go: www.nomadicexperiences.com
Nina Fuentes: www.justwandering.org
Ron Cruz and Monette Fernandez: http://www.fliptravels.com/

Facebook Event Invite Here

Dispatch Magazine Website

I just learned that my friend Diana Santos of The Sole Project is also supporting this event. Thanks!!! :) Visit their website to get some funky tsinelas! I was told that they're coming up with a women's line soon. Can't wait to grab my own pair!

TARA!!! :)

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