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Wacky Wednesday - The Donsol Encounter

A  man in his late 20's sat confidently on a chair across our table. He had an imposing burly body with a bare chest obscured with dark hair. His deep, gentle eyes contrasted with his dangerous appeal. It met with mine for a millisecond. My senses roared. I gulped and looked down. It's unbelievable, just a few steps away  is  a human delicacy to be devoured by the privileged few (or not :P). Me and my travel bud, a good friend from college, ignored him. Though loquacious when surrounded with girlfriends and a very few male brotherly buddies, at the presence of a  flaming demigod, we struggled at vocal communication. 
We  actually met the guy from the night before. Me and my travel bud had just arrived at the resort, tired from spending half a day of roaming the ocean for a chance to swim with the whalesharks. It had been a cloudy day and the whale sharks did not surface at the shores of Donsol, Sorsogon. 
Just when we had concluded that we were unlucky that day, this heavily tan…

Tribute Thursday - Gay, Pinay Travel Junkie

I remember the late 90's vividly despite the phases of my life that are not worthy to be reminisced because it was also during that time that I was introduced to one of my many passions -  hiking. I had just joined our college outdoor club where majority of its members were guys from my block. I instantly clicked with another girl named Jules, one of its founders. 

Together with the rest of the gang, we hanged out frequently for training and out of town hikes.  For some time, we were the two main damsels of the club, well, damsels in huge backpacks and trekking shoes. :P 

A few months later, a new girl joined the club, tan, slender and has a commotion-inducing sex appeal. She throws off irresistible jokes that you'd have to be extremely dense or dim-witted  not to erupt with laughter.  All the guys  loved her. She laughs like crazy too but for some reason, hers sounded whimsical. Whenever I laugh like she does, I get mistaken for an animal. To top it all, she has gorgeous legs, …

Freaky Falls Tuesday - Zambia

Whoa, it's Tuesday already?! Yay, this week is zooming by quickly. :)  Last week was insane at work. I was stressed - had bouts of headache and  felt hungry all the time so over the weekend, I just took it easy, slept tons and wrote a piece for my book. I am still taking it easy this week, well, at least until the workload comes crashing down on me again. :P  
So while I am in a great mood, let me share with you a  vacation video I found on You Tube. It features Devil's Falls in Zambia. Tours are offered by local guides  to bathe in a natural rock pool on top of Victoria Falls. It's a 100 meter drop from here to the gorge  and that is crazy cool! Happy viewing. :) 

For more information on Victoria Falls, visit Zambia Tourism.

San Mateo Bliss

Why do I do this?! It was the nth time I had asked that to myself, being someone who's into spontaneous and sometimes bizarre adventures. The rest of the group run ahead of me by several meters and I lagged behind like a struggling little puppy trying to keep up with its long-legged master who's training for the Ironman.
I sweat, my belly jiggled frivolously inside my shirt and my breath came at patchy intervals. I looked behind with my head towards the horizon and realized that it was worth it. Views of Makati and Ortigas can be seen from where I stopped. On ordinary days, these buildings up close are far from magnificent. From a huge distance, they are minute and the smog surrounding its area turns the scene into a surreal vision, like a lost paradise.
It was a Saturday morning, supposedly an ideal day for lounging and doing nothing but I woke up before sunrise to join a friend and several new found, very fit friends from a running circle.

We were approaching the steepes…

One for the Books - A Lazy Noon Hike

Up until the night before our departure, I felt uncertain about our decision to hike Mt. Kalisungan. Nothing against this mountain really. I just wasn't in the mood for a new destination. With stress in my system, I craved for a familiar place that reminds me of happy thoughts.
One of such is Mt. Batulao. Views of its  rugged peaks and the cold mountain breeze that typifies beloved Tagaytay City, 20 minutes away from the jump-off are great reasons to come back. It was also a place I frequented with college friends to train for major climbs. That's more than a decade ago. Ah, time really flies and snippets of school life flash in my head as though it was only yesterday. :P
A few hours before I met with Jules, an old friend who's a skyrunning addict and equally loves outrageous mountain adventures, we agreed to deviate from the plan and go to Mt. Batulao instead. (Ooh, here's Jules' post on her Mt. Apo day hike last year.)
And so we both thought we were climbing tha…

Destination Dining - Cafes Around the Philippines (Part 1)

Places that allow me to leisurely enjoy a meal in a laid-back atmosphere while sipping an aromatic brew of coffee are a haven for me. Quaint cafes that display local ingenuity through its interiors are a destination itself and fortunately for coffee addicts, the must-try list just gets longer!

Here are some of my great finds around the Philippines - selected for the quality of food and drinks, service, value for your money, without sacrificing the aesthetics.

1. Puerto Princessa, Palawan - Itoy's Coffee Haus Established in 2005, Itoy's  is the answer to your coffee cravings while basking on the beaches and frolicking around the landscapes of Palawan.  Me and a friend, stumbled on this place, tired and groggy - the effects of an intense two-day tour of Palawan. The intimate space, coffee and pastries instantly picked up our mood before going off for a city tour.    
Trivia Time! The cafe's name was derived from the nickname of the proprietress' father - Benito Jason Marce…

For the Love of Hiking - 2 Days, 6 Peaks in Southern Luzon

“We climbed 'cause it's fun. And mainly it was fun. That's all we ever did.” A dialogue from a documentary movie, Touching the Void echoed exactly what I felt when I agreed to join a crazy hiking trip organized by a friend - Ceejay Custodio, co-founder of Green Mountain Tribe (GMT). 

The plan was to get to 6 peaks in a span of one weekend which meant covering 3 peaks in a day. While it sounds outrageous, what appealed to me was that I get to see several mountains in 48 hours and I didn't even have to file for a leave! :)  

Day 1 - Mt. Malipunyo, Biak na Bundok and Mt. Manabu
Our mountain tryst began at 5:00 AM from the Mt. Malipunyo jump-off in Barangay Talisay in Lipa, Batangas. 

With me and Ceejay were 7 other new found friends, an energetic bunch comprised of both tenured and new mountaineers from everywhere. Sun was still out and light from our headlamps illuminated the road. Taking the lead was our chatty guide, Kuya Mario. Our "support crew" of two staye…