Wacky Wednesday - The Donsol Encounter

A  man in his late 20's sat confidently on a chair across our table. He had an imposing burly body with a bare chest obscured with dark hair. His deep, gentle eyes contrasted with his dangerous appeal. It met with mine for a millisecond. My senses roared. I gulped and looked down. It's unbelievable, just a few steps away  is  a human delicacy to be devoured by the privileged few (or not :P). Me and my travel bud, a good friend from college, ignored him. Though loquacious when surrounded with girlfriends and a very few male brotherly buddies, at the presence of a  flaming demigod, we struggled at vocal communication. 

We  actually met the guy from the night before. Me and my travel bud had just arrived at the resort, tired from spending half a day of roaming the ocean for a chance to swim with the whalesharks. It had been a cloudy day and the whale sharks did not surface at the shores of Donsol, Sorsogon. 

Smiles blare despite the gloomy weather
Just when we had concluded that we were unlucky that day, this heavily tanned stranger, with a presence as daunting as the whale sharks, appeared a few steps from our room. We were both surprised as it seemed like he just appeared from the bushes. "What are you doing here?!", we exclaimed in small voices as though our ages were reduced to half. " I wuz waiting for you..." , his words spurted with a French accent and oozed with sex appeal and promise. (and I swear the last six words were contributed by my friend Jules.:P) 

I failed to recall what other small talk transpired after that line, but as soon as he was off our sights, we locked our door and me and my friend started giggling like we were being tickled. What a hottie! 

We then continued the rest of the night with our usual girl talk and bouts of raucous laughter,  completely forgetting that our room was adjoined to another separated by thin, cogon walls. A few minutes later, we heard someone rambling from the other side of the wall. Oopsy, looks like our neighbor  got disturbed.  Our mouths froze in place waiting for more ranting from next door. "Girls, I can hear you!". Our heads ignited with recognition. It was the French guy! He then started chatting and  asked if we wanted to go out and check out the fireflies tour. The undeveloped woman inside of us refused. Fireflies with a hot guy in a small town?! That's just too much heat for a night!  

Our room at Amor Farm Beach Resort

Four years later, whenever me and my friend reminisce about our first backpacking trip together, the memories of that encounter was still something that had the power to shove us back to our shy days and giggle like little girls. 

Travel Notes : 
Donsol Travel Information - Sorsogon Tourism 
Amor Farm Beach Resort - Facebook Page 
What I love about Amor Farm : It has an enormous flower garden overlooking the shore. I chose it mainly because it had great reviews from Trip Advisor and well regarded for its great food and awesome service. I'd love to come back here! :) 

All photos courtesy of my friend Jules. Thanks bffeee!!!

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