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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Freaky Falls Tuesday - Zambia

Whoa, it's Tuesday already?! Yay, this week is zooming by quickly. :)  Last week was insane at work. I was stressed - had bouts of headache and  felt hungry all the time so over the weekend, I just took it easy, slept tons and wrote a piece for my book. I am still taking it easy this week, well, at least until the workload comes crashing down on me again. :P  

So while I am in a great mood, let me share with you a  vacation video I found on You Tube. It features Devil's Falls in Zambia. Tours are offered by local guides  to bathe in a natural rock pool on top of Victoria Falls. It's a 100 meter drop from here to the gorge  and that is crazy cool! Happy viewing. :) 

For more information on Victoria Falls, visit Zambia Tourism


  1. @Christian - Oh yes! Crazy! Kinabahan ako just by watching it. :P

  2. @Dermin - correct, much scarier than Balagbag..hehe


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