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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tribute Thursday - Gay, Pinay Travel Junkie

Photo Credit : Gay in Famy, Laguna
I remember the late 90's vividly despite the phases of my life that are not worthy to be reminisced because it was also during that time that I was introduced to one of my many passions -  hiking. I had just joined our college outdoor club where majority of its members were guys from my block. I instantly clicked with another girl named Jules, one of its founders. 

Together with the rest of the gang, we hanged out frequently for training and out of town hikes.  For some time, we were the two main damsels of the club, well, damsels in huge backpacks and trekking shoes. :P 

A few months later, a new girl joined the club, tan, slender and has a commotion-inducing sex appeal. She throws off irresistible jokes that you'd have to be extremely dense or dim-witted  not to erupt with laughter.  All the guys  loved her. She laughs like crazy too but for some reason, hers sounded whimsical. Whenever I laugh like she does, I get mistaken for an animal. To top it all, she has gorgeous legs, long, silky jet black hair that rivals that of Pocahontas' and a  striking face to match the personality. I heard she's smart too. Instantly, I hated her. 

I stuck with my main bud and we barely talked to her up until we graduated from college. (Insecure lang :P) 

Four years after,  we got together with the  old gang from college and we hiked Mt. Daguldol in Batangas.  Gay was my hiking buddy on our way down the mountain. I have long forgotten the confidence issues from my teenage years and together we strolled like we were out in a mall,  chatting about what we wanted out of life and love.

I remembered she kept raving about Sagada and Batanes. Traveling to far-flung places where everyone's a stranger was quite an eccentric idea for me. Back then,  the only thing that mattered in my life were work, mountains and my one great love - football. But she spoke with such passion about the places she's been that I became so curious that I decided to try it for myself. 

2007, I flew to Cebu for my first solo backpacking trip, had a thrilling experience  and the course of my life changed. Traveling occupied my thoughts, it inspired me strive harder in whatever I was doing, talking to strangers became second nature and I got to see views I never knew existed out of books. 

Thank you Gay for sharing the wonders of traveling!

Currently, she's in Brazil, on her 247th day of traveling around the world  together with her baby girl Luna and hubby Sherv...and ooh, she still looks as gorgeous as does back in college. Read about her travels on  her blog - Pinay Travel Junkie     or follow her on Twitter - nomadwifey. She has a Facebook page too, link here.

Photo Credit : Gay (Thanks for letting me grab whatever I wanted. :P)


  1. oh how I miss travel, mountains and road trips. Someday.... someday....hope someday is SOON. I envy you Tin. I'm happy to see you're still active. God bless dear.

  2. love this post! You and Gay also inspired me to travel :)

    Hopefully, I get to travel again after I settle with hubby-bi. :)


  3. Nice feature Tin! Ako rin, I'm a huge fan of Pinat Travel Junkie, Gay! Yeeee! .

  4. Haha! Interesting choice of photos. Thanks for the feature Tin, para talagang tribute sa dedbol na character. And I owe you my obsession - este passion for blogging. I miss hiking with you... See you soon!

  5. "It's Gay Emami!!!!! (suddenly faints)" - this would probably the first scenario that would happen once I see her for the first time. hahaha

  6. I know gay. As I fondly called her as ga-ye. She is also my virtual friend. As I assessed her, though we never meet each other, I know that she is a good person-my vibration. :-).

  7. Pinay Travel Junkie is one of the most followed Pinay backpacker in the country.. and it's great seeing this side of her from another person's perspective :-)

  8. isa yan sa pinaka gusto kong makasama sa byahe. trekking daw tayo pagbalik nila.

  9. oo nga ms. christine, parang dedbol si PTJ pero nice post. natutuwa ako ang daming hikers na wish ko makasalubong ko man lang sa trail lalo na yung mga sikat na tulad niyo.

  10. Omeyged it's Ms. Gay the legend! I wanna visit Machu Picchu too someday!

    - BPS

  11. indeed a commotion-stampede sex appeal.

    I remember stumbling into Gay's blog and multiply around 2009 tas ni i stalk ko na sya nun lol.

  12. aaww this was posted on my birthday!!


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