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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inspire : Adventure & Travel Videos

When I was a kid, I  had an obsessive habit of keeping tabs of all the Betamax tapes I've watched.  It was handwritten on several pages  of bond paper - back to back.  My memory was quite sharp then and I remembered everything!  Now I misplace my keys most of the time.  :P

I've stopped this eccentric habit more than a decade ago, but my penchant for watching videos - music, raw videos, whatever I fancy has remained the same. How can it fade away when we now have You Tube, Vimeo and  faster internet connection which makes sharing and watching videos easier? But you know what, sometimes, I do miss  the thrill of waiting for the computer to connect to the internet via dial-up.  Haha! 

Here's some of my favorites.  I've limited the list to those related to adventure and travel. :)  Hope you get inspired by these. Happy viewing!

1. Robin Esrock's - This is Life 
Robin's an adventurer, travel writer, TV producer and international TV personality. He's a co-host of the travel show Word Travels) and  owner of the travel blog Modern Gonzo. This video sums up on how he got into co-producing his own t.v. series and all the amazing stuff he has done while on the job. 
Official Website here.

2. Volcano Boarding at Nicaragua -  an entertaining 7-minute video of an all-ladies adventure in Cerro Negro, an active volcano in Nicaragua.  Hmm, maybe I should finally try sand boarding in Ilocos Norte or find a mountain where I can do it. Ooh, btw, I found the FB page of Lead Movement, the group who popularized sand boarding in the Philippines. 

The girl at 6:36 reminds me of how dirty I can get  (yeah, literally!) when I travel. :P

3. Music Video - Return to Innocence by Enigma - This video reminds me of unforgettable past adventures of body surfing in Cagayan Valley, hiking beside the cornfields of Bukidnon to get to the Benedictine Monastery and wandering around the  breathtaking  landscapes of Batanes. Ah, good times! :) 

Don't forget to share your fave videos at the comments section! :) Would love to check out other vids.  

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