Mountain Wish List

I'm enjoying a quiet, lazy weekend and  I'm in a dreamy mood.

Delightful thoughts of mountains while I'm in the comforts of home are floating in my head.

I'm in love with these giant green mounds scattered around the world. I dream of being able to tramp everywhere on my hiking shoes and discover views so beautiful, it will knock off my senses. 

While I am yet to get into that state where I can afford to hike anywhere at any time, I am sharing with you a list of mountains I want to visit within the next two years.

The basis of my picks were purely out of, uhm I don't know.I want to hike these mountains just because, no complex reason, no memories I want to forget, no broken heart or whatever. I climb mountains because it makes me happy.

1. Mt. Hibok-Hibok - an active volcano located in Camiguin. I first visited Camiguin in 2008 and the foot of Mt. Hibok-Hibok was one of the last stops of the agonizing motorbike tour I availed.  Something about the misty atmosphere around the mountain drew me to it and I spent a few minutes just staring at it until the sun went down. I must go back here and experience its trails.  (Blog about the Trail Running Mistress's Day Hike adventure here)

Photo Credit : Jules,

2. Mt. Apo - the Philippines'  highest mountain is an imposing wonder of nature at 2,956 Meters Above Sea Level. It's main entry point is through Davao City, one of the safest places in the entire Philippines and where one can find Blugre Cafe that serve durian coffee. (Read about my friend's day hike in Mt. Apo here.)

Photo Credit : Jules,

3. Dulang-Dulang & Kitanglad  Traverse - The Philippines' second highest peak can be found in Bukidnon, an adventurer's haven.  I am particularly attracted to the various trees at Mt. Dulang-Dulang's  summit.

Photo Credit : Benjamin Maputi, race director for Kitanglad Rugged Mountain Race. You can also contact him for guideship. Just PM him on Facebook.)

4. Mt. Mayon -  I've only seen it from afar while on a backpacking trip in Bicol and was mesmerized with how it looked like a perfect triangle in the heart of Tabaco, Albay.

I wasn't interested in going here, I was  ignorant about its trails and  assumed  it was devoid of trees until I saw an acquaintance's summit photo when they trekked  Mt. Mayon. It showed a trail with a thick foliage, a vast swamp and boulders at the summit.

Photo Credit : My good friend Connie

5. Sri Pada/Adam's Peak -  Sri Lanka's sacred mountain at a height of 2,243 MASL. The summit of Adam's Peak features a depression on the ground that resembles a footprint. Buddhist's believe it's Buddha's, Hindus think it's Shiva's  while  Muslims think it's Adam's.The regular trail is through stone steps which is flocked by  thousands during the Pilgrimage season from December to May. It features several trails  of varying levels of difficulty. 

                                              Video sourced from YouTube
Last on my list has been in my mountain wish list for the longest time.

6. Mt. Halcon, Oriental Mindoro -  Based on what I've read from Pinoy Mountaineer, Mt. Halcon was closed in 2006 by its local officials and the DENR and has not opened since. Boo hoo.It's one of the few mountains in the Philippines that has been classified with a degree of difficulty  of 9/9 (9 being the most difficult). Naturally, I am intrigued. :)

Photo Credit : Gideon of
How about you? Where do you plan to go next? :)

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