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Baguio City : The White House

With its exteriors painted in white, the house that withstood World War II at Leonard Wood Road is believed to be haunted. Built in the 1920's, it was originally owned by the Laperal clan, one of the most prominent families in Baguio at that time. It was purchased in 2007 by business magnate Lucio Tan, but he only goes here for brief visits. In fact, I was told that he was just here a few days back. 
As it's considered a private property, it is usually closed to visitors. However, due to the bamboo exhibit which is targeted to run until March 2013, its decades-old doors have been opened to curious travelers dying to peak what's inside one of Baguio's famous eerie structures. 
During the war, the house was turned into a headquarters of the Japanese imperial army. It was around this time when the people who occupied the house were murdered. Based from what I have read, it has not been established whether the occupants were killed by the Japanese or another group. 
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Mt. Lobo, Batangas

Though I keep on meeting a lot of new and awesome people, I have not forgotten trusted and reliable hiking buddies from way, way back. Personal goals and new priorities may have affected the amount of time we spend together but we make it a point to keep in touch or in this case, go out for a hike at least once a year. 
A day before our trip, Tan, former schoolmate and hiking buddy from 2008, agreed to check out Mt. Lobo in Batangas. I coordinated with our guide, Jay Bondoc who was a bit surprised with the short notice but accommodated us anyway. :) (Contact Number at the Travel Notes section below)

The following morning, two more friends joined us, Dan and Abet. We met at Jollibee along LRT-Buendia so we can grab some breakfast before the trip. We boarded the first "Batangas Pier bound" bus (125 Pesos) we saw right outside Jollibee which was a mistake. The driver seemed inexperienced driving under the rain and we moved so slowly that majority of the buses and other vehicl…