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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Antipolo : Pinto Art Museum

My interest with paintings, particularly realist styles, started when I was younger, but it's a skill that has eluded me.  I couldn't draw, let alone use a paint brush (except to grill hotdogs :P) even if a kiss from Cristiano Ronaldo was at stake. 

Thank God for galleries and museums that allow me to ogle at art! 

My hiking buddies ditched their backpacks and trekking shoes for a day to appreciate  art

Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo  sits on a 1.2 hectare property housing contemporary works of local artists. Aside from its massive collection of paintings and sculptures, it also has several gardens, surrounded by manicured lawns, various tree species (the tree hugger side of me was elated!) and plants! It's a must visit for both art and nature lovers.
Here's one of my favorites, a sculpture of a pregnant lady displayed in one of the gardens

Its halls are enormous and very ideal for huge groups. We were told that they also accept pre-nup pictorials and event reservations. 

My friends and I bounced lively around the place, appreciating practically every detail about the place from the paintings on the walls to its bathroom doors.  I was especially enamored with one of their staff (and I'm sorry I forgot his name) who toured us around the place and identified all the plants and trees I asked about. If I'm not mistaken, he's their resident botanist or a landscape architect, perhaps a part owner? I wasn't paying attention when the topic came up because I was staring at an Alibagbag tree with flirtatious, twinkling eyes. :P I adore its heart-shape leaves!
Mediterranean-inspired architecture :)

We spent about three hours inside the museum before we felt tired and even so, we have not covered the entire place! We had lunch at Sira-Ulo cafe located inside the museum grounds but the prices were a bit too steep for a thrifty foodie such as myself to enjoy a hefty meal (around 295 Pesos for a small plate of pasta and 595 Pesos for set meals) . I did sent an email about it and got a very congenial response. Hope they increase the serving size. :) 

I'm willing to make a return trip though on a full stomach and armed with some snacks. :)

Pinto Art Museum 
Silangan Gardens, 1 Sierra Madre Heights, Grandheights, Antipolo City.
Business Hours : Tuesday-Sunday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Contact Number : +(632)697-1015 
Email : pintoartmusem@yahoo.com

Entrance Fee :
Student- Php 100
Senior- Php 120
Adult - Php 150

How to get to Pinto Art Museum : 

Want to read more about it? Do check out this nice post from Biyaherong Barat  :) 

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