The Belly Dancing Experience

Surpirse, surprise! I finally took belly dancing at the gym. Me - who has two left feet, had tantrums during cotillion practice, never-ever joined any other dance class, have muscles in all the wrong places, zero-interest in anything that requires poise and grace and who thinks dancing is boring!

I don't really know what made me join, I had way too much apprehensions such as:
a. What if the girls were all snooty?
b. I don't have kikay dancing clothes, just soccer jerseys and shorts..what to wear???!
c. What if the instructor was some skinny freak who lacks patience in teaching dance dummies like me?
d. What if the girls are already so damn good at it, I'd look stupid and be laughed at?

I guess, deep inside, there's a trapped inner hot chick in me (hehehe!), begging to be unleashed, so I took the plunge. To my surprise, it was one of the best times I've ever had in my entire life. This dance is so sexy! I never thought I'd get into it. I used to think belly dancing was only for those giggly, flirty, kikay type of girls - those who cannot go out without make-up or whatever stuff on their face...Man, am I eating my words now. I absolutely looooved it! I get to shake my booty and boobs all over. Football makes me sweat more but  belly dancing provided a great alternative to working out.

I went with my friend from work and wore normal gym clothes. The veterans, mostly women in their 40's wore those "coin belts" that jiggle at the slightest movement and black capris. I'm thinking of buying those too. We took the class for beginners so the steps were "easy" as the instructor always says but I had difficulty in some of the moves like jiggling the pelvic bones (what the heck?!) . Sometimes I'd pause because I couldn't figure out how to shake my booty but then I realized that dancing is all about letting lose so instead of being eternally mindful of my actions, I let  loose. I guess that's what made it really fun, plus all my apprehensions were nothing but that. None of the girls acted snooty, the instructor was super nice and she has a normal body. None of them gave "stares" when we walked in without the coin belts. (I wore an old shirt, my shirts, and futsal shoes). Best thing of all, I didn't feel conscious at being a beginner at this craft. Everyone was just having fun. I would love to do this again! :)

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