Third Wheeling in Baguio

About two months ago, on a last minute decision, I decided to go with my officemate and her boyfriend to Baguio. (Talk about third wheel!) We went there Friday afternoon after work. Her boyfriend doesn't like long driving so we took the 5PM bus trip from Victory Liner, Cubao. The ticket costs 380 pesos - one way. Baguio's one of my favorite destinations, because of it's cool, calming weather. I swear, I'm meant to live like a Polar bear. Cold weather makes me happy even if I don't have anyone to cuddle with. I haven't been there in four years and I terribly missed the place, the strawberries, cheap food, cheap pasalubong, cheap veggies and most of all - cheap silver.

We stayed in Ruth's boyfriend's parents' place so we also got free food which made our weekend more amazing because we can spend more on shopping goodies. I got home armed with silver earrings for some of my officemates, peanut butter for my family and some other food, strawberry wine - really cheap - costs less than a hundred and the tastes like juice. We weren't able to do some sightseeing though. Ruth's boyfriend is from Baguio and is pretty much used to everything in it so me and Ruth just went off by ourselves.

Saturday -  we just went to SM Baguio, had pedicure at Going Straight and went around the market to check out the goodies - mostly silver, clothes, strawberries and lettuce. We saw this shop along Session road which sells brand new, trendy chic clothes. A pair of pants costs about 200-500 pesos depending on the style. Belts are at hundred pesos each. Shirts and blouses - super cheap, ranging from 100-400 pesos. In the market, silver earrings range from 50-100 pesos (50 or cheaper for studs and 100 pesos for dangling earrings).

On Sunday, we went to the Grotto (Mother Mary's shrine) and I climbed like a hundred steps. I was breathless and sweathy when we finally got to the top. It was very serene there, plus, halfway to the Grotto, there were lots of stalls which sells silvers, sweaters, rosaries. Silver jewelry here is more expensive than the ones we found in the market (same design). Right before the Grotto, you will be welcomed by vendors selling roses and candles so you really don't need to bring anything when you go there. The roses are about 10-20 pesos per piece, very affordable. Candles, I think it was about 10 pesos or so. What can I say, it's so easy to love Baguio if you are after affordable R&R.

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