Overnight at the Airport

-  July 20, 2009 -

I wanted to cry when the pilot announced that we had arrived 25 minutes ahead of schedule. It was around 10:30PM. I had just flown in from Singapore and was due to fly back to Clark the following day from Kuala Lumpur. I arrived at the LCCT terminal too early and could only check in at 3:30AM for my 7:20 AM flight. I had no money left to take a hostel. I had a total of about 9 hours to wait and I felt really tired.

I finally settled down in a plastic chair in one of the cold lonely wings. LCCT terminal is open for 24 hours and there were lots of people waiting with me. This airport is an hour away by private transportation from the city center and would cost you a lot if you take a cab - around 70MYR or more (from Wikipedia). Most people take the train to KL Sentral which is connected to the airport but it does not operate in time for the first flight. There are also food establishments like Marry Brown and Mc Donald's where you can buy food any time of the day. There are also souveneir shops, coffee shops and a convenience store to keep you busy for a while.

I had plenty of time by myself.

I suddenly wished I wasn't alone, that there was someone I can laugh with of the things I observed.It also got me into thinking that the best way to spend your time waiting at the airport - is to be with a friend..or a lover. I felt envious of the people around me who had comfortable laps to lie on. The plastic chair just isn't suited for peaceful sleeping and I could only rely on my ever dependable Deuter to prop my tired legs. I got to give credit to that bag as I am not an easy companion. I go to dirty places, walk under the sun and get wet by the rain.

See, what I had to put up with, directly in front of me were a couple - contented with each other's company. The girl lying on the guy's lap as if it was the most comfortable pillow. Aw, love! :)

Wished I could join their chat
Ahh..a brave soul. Lying so peacefully on the floor. It's almost too peacefully, it's scary. :P

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