The Secret Island

Yesterday, I ran into a fellow traveler who told me outrageously wonderful stuff about a place here in the Philippines which not a lot of people know about. We got into that discussion because I asked him his favorite photographed place in the entire Philippines. He asked me if it was a trick question and I can understand where he’s coming from. There are tons of amazingly beautiful places all over the country and it’s just difficult to say which one is best if somebody just asked you outright. After a minute, he told me about this place he went to just after graduating from college. It was an exploration trip somewhere in Luzon. It took one week for them to reach this place and another boat ride to get to the island. No public boat goes there and it’s a place that’s not even included in the Philippine map. He told me it was better than Batanes.

I can’t replicate the way he described the place but it sounded so amazing that I can’t get it off my mind - which is why I woke up quite early. My curiosity has been triggered and I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday. That guy!

This island has a snorkeling spot on its one side and a surfing spot on the other. Near it is a waterfalls – with its water running towards the ocean. Beside it are whirlpools where you can see corals. During the evening, you can see the moon shining over the Pacific ocean. In the morning, the sun will wake you up as it shines over your camp. Ahhh! It sounds like paradise.

He swore he’s not making it up. He doesn’t have the photos because back then, he used a film and couldn’t find the copies of the pictures but it left a memory in his heart that he treasures up to this day.

I need Google maps.

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