Sea Air – Bringing Batanes Closer to Travelers

Sea Air, a local airline that heavily promotes leisure travel has launched a contest that will enable 7 winners to be part of their Batanes Bloggers Tour during its winter season  - where temperature can go as low as 7 degrees Celsius!!! As an adventurer and a no friss traveler, the mention of Batanes, with its promise of enthralling landscapes, activates a level of excitement in my bloodstream. As the northernmost province of the Philippines with its community of friendly, honest people living humbly in a unique bucolic setting this destination has and will perpetually mesmerize travelers.

To experience winter particularly in the Philippines is a dream adventure of mine. For some reason, cold weather makes me feel elated. The layers of clothing don’t bother me. I even went to great lengths of investing in apparels to better equip myself to cold weather. Having to grab of cup of coffee to warm up my body, makes me feel like a child who just picked up candy. I have traveled and experienced butt-numbing bus rides for a great adventures in places with cold weather like Sagada, Batad and Banaue.

I want to be part of this because aside from traveling, I love to share and write about my adventures. If in certain occasions I cannot write, I talk about it with an infectious level of excitement that I am able to influence the person I’m talking with to crave traveling.

If I win, I will be extremely grateful for the free airline tickets that Sea Air doesn’t even have to feed me or give me shelter. I just want to get there! I have slept in an airport, a cold pavement in a gasoline station, a scary motel in Surigao, slept in mountains during camping trips and slept soundly through thunderstorms. My optimistic outlook allows me to have kick-ass, fun-filled travels come what may. Though I have been to Batanes before, I haven’t had enough and I am practically on my knees for another opportunity to go back there on my dream season – winter!

I deserve to be part of  Sea Air's tour because no matter what happens during travel, I can be trusted to enjoy it to the fullest! I fell on a bridge while trekking in Mt. Kinabalu. I got knocked down for several seconds and when I opened my eyes and saw the look of shock of my companions, I just laughed away though my neck and back hurt. We managed to trek another hour around the park after that. I also incurred 7 stitches in a rock climbing accident in Wawa last year, and I managed to get down the mountain, devour a boodle feast with my friends before I was brought to the emergency room for my stitches. Even if the pain was strong enough to knock my breath on several occasions, I manage to laugh as I talk to the doctor and text away as he started with the minor operation. Several weeks after that, I flew to Busuanga with my friend and I was able to reach the top of Mt. Tapyas using one foot because my stitches have not been removed. Then the month after that, I climbed mt. Asog where my stitches incurred an infection because I had to crawl in mud. Suffice to say, nothing and no one can stop me from wandering!

Though I’ve been to many places and experienced a lot of exciting adventures, I became more aware of the fact that there is still more places I haven’t seen and this realization has only made me more humble. I don’t sneer at people who do not travel, I help fellow travelers as much as I can and I am open to gaining more knowledge from the places I go to or from the people I encounter. Aside from an open spirit, I seem to find ceaseless reasons to be happy about something even if not everything turns out well.

We are fortunate that we have airlines carriers such as Sea Air that allows people to safely go back to their far-flung hometowns faster or explore incredible places within the Philippines. Sea Air is a travelers’ access to a great adventure. Aside from Basco (Batanes) Sea Air also has flights from Manila to exciting destinations such as El Nido & Taytay (both in Palawan), Tablas (Romblon), and the illustrious Boracay. Both Tablas and Taytay are unusual destinations that arouses the curiosity of travelers. To know more about Sea Air, flight schedules or book a flight, log on to their website.  This is also where you can get pertinent travel information on Boracay, Batanes and Clark.

It is also advisable to Like their Fanpage on Facebook as they often have a lot of promotional activities where they give out plenty of prizes and enticing free trips such as this!

And since I am a big fan of sharing, here is how you can also get a chance to win in three easy steps
1. Log on to Facebook.
2. Like the Sea Air Fan Page
3. Go to their notes page, specifically this page to get the full details. :)

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