Goodbye Cool Job!

It is with a mixture of sadness and excitement (yes, an odd combination but it wouldn’t be from me if it’s not a tad peculiar) that I am bidding farewell to what I consider as the coolest job I’ve ever had.

For several months, I was hired for the position of Travel Specialist and was tasked to create adventure tours, establish contacts within the industry, test adventure sports, read travel magazines, attend press conferences, meet amazing athletes, media people and bloggers.

I did not experience the usual office set-up. Sometimes, my office for the day would be in a kayak or on a raft. Sometimes, I’d be in a zipline perched 4,700 feet above sea level or sometimes, commute to work involves river trekking. Sometimes I'm out of the office tagging along at press launches or cocktail events. Sometimes, I'd be in a meeting with people I used to see only in blogs or on the news.  I still  had to report to a normal office with tables, phones and internet access though when I'm not traveling.

My workmates on the other hand are all incredible people. I will surely miss all our gastronomic adventures and laughing bouts. I will miss my forgiving and understanding boss with her boisterous laugh. I will miss the elevator girl with her Daily Horoscope and all the other unique aspects of that company.

As with any regular work, it wasn’t all bliss. The first few months were especially challenging as I adjusted to a less stringent type of work environment. Prior to coming here, I was an operations analyst in an account where we don’t have much room for missing deadlines. My escape from that environment was to travel, climb a mountain, explore and write about my adventures and that is how I landed my post.

Work was more like play despite all the other annoying aspects of it. I moved in an industry where I felt at home and knew a lot of people.

It is also where I discovered more of myself and realized that it’s not what I wanted to do. What I needed was to explore for fun than deal with all the nitty gritty details of adventure travel.

I am very much grateful for the opportunities that were given to me and for everything I have learned under my company. It is an excellent training ground. It is where I learned to be more confident, more sociable and open to meeting people. I learned to live and to relax more.

I feel sad about leaving because I had already fallen in love with my job and with my team,  but I am sticking to the plan. I will be off somewhere where I know I can fulfill a bigger dream.  I will be moving into an entirely different arena. I know there’d be tons of opportunities to learn, some boring bits and perhaps more stressful situations to face but I’m mentally prepared for it. I am moving because I am aiming towards a greater adventure which I will share as soon as my plans materialize. :) 

To everyone who put up and prayed with me the past couple months, thank you!

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I'm going to need someone to take my place - someone who can conceptualize, organize and market adventure tours. We need someone who loves the outdoors and willing to try every adventure there is.  If you are interested, send me your resume at :)

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