A Travel Show : Where's Tony Season 2 Launch Party!

If you’re taking a break from gallivanting  and happen to be in town on a Monday night and facing the tube, I encourage you to watch Where’s Tony. It’s a weekly Filipino travel show hosted by the ultra charming Tonytoni, who is even more popular as a DJ from Magic 89.9.  Does Boys Night Out ring a bell to you? Yes, he’s that Tony! 

The show promises to entertain you with Tony’s wacky and unique adventures and  provide information on what to see, do, eat and more for each featured destination. It’s shown on Studio 23 every Monday at 11:30 PM. 

Last month (blushing for the delayed post, sorry John!) I received an email from John Manat, associate producer for Red Pill Media Inc. It was an invite for its Season 2 launch party at the Amber Lounge, The Fort.   Being the party animal that I am (and I say that with sarcasm), I arrived early, already worn out from work and quite sleepy. I noticed the party hardly even began. Of  course, “cool parties” don’t normally start until 12am or so. Gosh, that’s way past my bed time! Haha! 

My companions and I were immediately ushered to comfy lounge seats in a darker part of the club. The soft cushion is  perfect for sleeping when you’re already drunk.  :P 

Photos courtesy of Where's Tony gang. Thanks!

No more than ten minutes, uniformed staff began serving trays of food and drinks. I got red wine, my usual next option (they didn’t serve coffee or Red Horse eh, haha!).  Some friends got white wine and the cute blue martini (which was gooood!).  Then, DJ Tonytoni was introduced to us and warmly shook our hands. He’s quite personable.   I’m not a fan of small talk so I just congratulated him. Hihi. 

In less than an hour,  after stuffing ourselves with the free food and booze,  we had to leave even before the party heated up. Boo hoo. I didn’t even get to chat with John who sent out the invites! But I already stayed long enough and had to leave  because I have work the following day.  Though it was a very brief but fun stay, I sincerely appreciate the invite and I am looking forward to catching the show. 

Amber Ultra Lounge service was amazing and the staff ensured we were full all the time, hahaha! Sweet!  

Again, thanks John! 

Here's a teaser:

Catch Where’s Tony on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/whereistony
Watch it on: Studio 23
Season 2 (hooray!)
Description : 
Where’s Tony? is a weekly travel show which invites you to a wacky and one of a kind adventure. With a list highlighting the top things to see, to try, to eat, to experience and to discover in the featured destination, Where’s Tony? is surely a must in your travel checklist.
Plot outline : 
Where’s Tony is hosted by none other than the witty and wacky DJ of Magic 89.9, Tonytony. With his crazy antics and daring pursuits in trying everything and anything in the name of adventure, you will be guaranteed of a one of a kind travel show.
Schedule :
Every Monday 11:30PM
DJ Tonytoni
Catch some clips here : You Tube

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