Bear Grylls and my 2013 Bucket List

Having gulped my third cup of coffee (intense brews, I must say), my thoughts are currently soaring around the universe. 

Not exactly ideal when I have a writing deadline. 

So while I'm trying to pacify myself,  I will share a bunch of random stuff as well as my bucket list for next year. 

Random Sharing :
1. Are you a fellow fan of Bear Grylls? Watch this hilarious video as he takes English comedian Miranda Hart on an adventure at the Swiss Alps. While Bear is an outdoors expert, Miranda is quite the opposite and has no idea on kind of challenges she'll be facing. ("Her idea of an adventure, is a stroll in the park, followed by a latte" - nothing against people who enjoy this really, I think it's nice.)

Well, it's always interesting to watch people go out of their comfort zone. :)

2. I've reached a point in my life when I have stored enough happy memories to embark on a trip down to memory lane every now and then. I find myself frequently digging up old photos from way back, music videos of songs I liked when I was in grade school and messaging old friends I haven't seen in years.  Simply put, I am feeling the signs of aging. But don't get me wrong, I don't see it as a negative thing and I've learned to appreciate every stage of my existence. Cheers to more than 30 years on earth! 

3. What you put in your mouth really influences what you look like. I've been devouring huge amounts of greens lately and not that I look like a broccoli now, but I do feel fresh and light. Hooray to healthy eating and with that,  I'm happy to share that I just lost 8 pounds. Yihaa. It's not very obvious though. Oh well, gotta work harder. :p

2013 Flexible Bucket List 
1. Save more money, enough money to get me a Chinese visa because I badly want to go to Five Flower Lake by 2014. But don't take me seriously on the Five Flowers Lake trip, I change my mind all the time on where I want to be. :P What I'm really certain about is that I want to have fun and having fun isn't just about going somewhere.  I am however,  dead set on saving up. I'm not getting younger and who knows, I might need it for a wedding or an early trip to the Amazon. :p

Check out this video of Five Flower. The color of its water is mesmerizing and reminds me of our very own Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur.  Blog post here.

2. Do an M3  Hike. Also known in the Filipino mountaineering community as Mindanao 1-2-3, it is an expedition to Mindanao's 3 highest mountains - Mt. Apo, Dulang-Dulang and Kitanglad. 

I've been hiking since 1999, purely for the sake of enjoying the outdoors. It's long overdue that I check out the view from the Philippines' formidable peaks. Focus, focus! 

3. Praying that Mt. Halcon  (Oriental Mindoro) will open next year and when it does, I want to get there as soon as I can. It is known as one of the toughest trails in the Philippines and has claimed the lives of some hikers.  In 2006, Mt. Halcon was closed for hiking by local authorities  to give it time to recover, allegedly from the trash left by mountaineers. I use the word allegedly as I've been reading from other sources that there are other controversial reasons why it remains close for hiking. Some say its due to illegal logging while some have mentioned about rebels in the area. I'd rather stick to facts so I'm just hoping it would be reopened and safe to climb next year. :) 

4. In relation to bucket list #2 and 3, I need to get really, really, really fit and lose these annoying excess pound as it slows me down on hikes. The game plan : Eat healthily and go back to cardio training regularly. 

and that's basically it for now. Gotta go back to that article. :P 

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