Naga Series : Waterfalls Trekking at Engkanto Falls

My young, happy and oh so carefree friends stripping down to enjoy the cold water
After rappelling at Nalalata falls the previous day (blog here), we traveled 45 minutes from Naga city to Libmanan in Camarines Sur for the afternoon’s adventure, a trek to Engkanto Falls. 

At the jump-off in Barangay Bical, we met with  Mr. Roderick  Fabor, head of Libmanan Tourism, and other friendly folks from the local tourism.  After exchanging pleasantries, we commenced trekking and soon found ourselves on a scenic but muddy trail.

The landscape was so bucolic - rice fields on our right and coconut trees everywhere. 
We had to cross this wooden bamboo bridge to get to the other side of the trail 
Engkanto Falls is a series of 20 cascades, with a height of 1 meter or less. Its name, a Filipino word that refers to supernatural beings that guard the environment, are believed to dwell in the area - adding excitement to exploring a less known destination in Camarines Sur. 

After about 15 minutes, a section of the falls emerged.  We were told we would be trekking on the falls instead of around it. I knew from experience that the portion of the boulder where water passes is usually safe to walk on because the current makes the surface less slippery but, hearing the roar of the water was still intimidating. I dismissed any thought of slipping and focused on enjoying the trek. It was such a thrilling experience! :)

Muddy trail with branches everywhere 
Some areas were a little challenging because you need to use both hands. It was especially tricky for my other companions who carried SLR's (Travel tip : bring a dry bag or a waterproof bag so you don't have to worry about your gears or better yet, get a waterproof camera and phone :)). 

Our short trek terminated at a picturesque  part of the falls. We were told that there's a cave about an hour  from where we were but it was nearing sunset so we decided to head down. 
One of the wider cascades of Engkanto Falls
It had been an exciting trek capped off with a cool swim and some fitting snacks - freshly picked coconut and 3N’s toasted siopao. This bread which has diced pork fillings is one of Naga’s famous snacks. 

Check out blogger friend, Estan’s post about Engkanto Falls. 

How to fulfill this adventure? Get in touch with Libmanan on Facebook 

Travel Tips :
Recommended footwear - although my companions who wore rubber slippers managed the trek just fine, it would be safer to wear a footwear that dries easily and preferably with straps so you can wear it while swimming as the water is  shallow on most parts and there's plenty of small sharp rocks. 

Bring : snacks, dry bag for wet clothes
*There's a changing area at the jump-off. 

Engkanto Falls 
Barangay Bical,
Libmanan, Camarines Sur, Bicol Region

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Note : 
This trek was a collaboration with NagaX, Naga's tourism arm and the local government unit of Libmanan. 

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