Product Test : A Hiker’s Must Have - BSI Medicated Spray

I enjoy long hikes. Some take 5 hours to complete while the longer and more challenging routes take about 12 hours or more. To ensure I have enough endurance for these hikes, I swim at least 1.5K KM, two-three times a week, alternating it with some light runs. As such, muscle pain is something that I have to deal with frequently. I often feel some aches on the shoulders, back and the calves from all the training and hikes – and  oh especially the hikes! :P   While this type of involved soreness eventually heals in a day or two, I’m happy to discover a partner (albeit no romantic inklings:P) that takes away the discomfort instantly so I can easily return to my routine or jump into another adventure.

After a 1.5KM swim last Sunday, my first after a month of rest post sickness, my shoulders and upper back felt pretty sore. What was supposed to be just a normal workout felt like a feat. :P . I didn’t have time to get a massage and so I went to the office the next day with aching muscles. Throughout the day, I stretched several times at my desk hoping to relieve myself of the pain but it didn’t really work.  

Fortunately, a package of BSI medicated spray was waiting for me when I got home. It’s a non-aerosol topical pain reliever approved by the Philippine FDA as a home remedy drug. I excitedly sprayed it on my back and was amused at how easy it got to the hard to reach parts such as the mid upper back. I felt comfort in less than a minute. There was a cool sensation and some little sting on the parts where I sprayed too much (so do take note of that when you use it).The smell is minty and not as strong as other topical pain relievers I’ve used. I actually like the smell. :) 

BSI Medicated spray is exactly what I needed! Handy, lightweight, easy to apply and fits easily in my backpack!  At 388 Pesos for a 64 ML bottle that’ll probably last for months, it’s a good deal. I can hold off the massage for now and redirect the money to my hiking funds, yay!

Aside from being a pain reliever, it also aids in reducing muscle swelling such as sprain and cramps which some hikers experience.  It’s convenient to use even while on the trail because you don’t have to clean your hands before applying it. You just need to spray it on the affected part, no need massage it over!  Another one of its salient attributes is it contains all-natural ingredients so it’s safe to use as often as needed.  It’s truly an excellent addition to my first aid kit but I’m hoping I don’t have to use it for a sprain :P.

BSI Medicated Spray has been in the Philippine market for over 5 years and its target users include athletes, senior citizens, office workers, housewives, OFWs who suffer muscular pain.

Where to Buy : Mercury Drug Store, Rose Pharmacy, and South Star Drug
Price : 388 Pesos (64ml)

This spray was also tested by fellow bloggers who are into running and triathlon. Just click on the link to read about their experience using BSI Medicated Spray :

BSI MEDICATED SPRAY is distributed by New Smart Formulae Trading Corp, a pharmaceutical distributor of high quality products in the Philippines.  

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. I accept collaborations for products that I’ve tried, liked and are relevant to travel, adventure and sports. :) 

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