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If you're on the haunt for a new backpack or a gift for someone who travels or hikes a lot, consider getting an Osprey, a  reputable brand from the US, known for its bags and travel gears. In 2014, it celebrated its 40th year in the industry, a deserving feat for a business that puts in much thought to its customers, offering high quality products, designed to help its users enjoy their outdoor, travel and biking experience. 
At the entrance of the Mangrove Trail of Balanga Wetland.
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I have been a happy and satisfied  Osprey  user since last year when Osprey Packs Philippines offered me to try Quantum, a model under the 24/Seven series made for everyday use(Post here). The collaboration couldn't have come at a better time as my old backpack had just been stolen and I was looking for a replacement.  I've used it for work, on backpacking trips and once on a three day hike in Mt. Halcon, one of the longest trails in the Philippines. (Post about our hike here).  Most of my travels involve a lot of walking and hiking so it's important for me to have a backpack that's comfortable to use, spacious and durable (imagine breaking a pack when you're out hiking, gah!). 

Just recently, I was provided with another model. This time, it's  a Nova (photo above).  Similar to Quantum, Nova is also an everyday pack and I've been using almost everyday for almost 4 weeks now. I love that there's so much space inside and a compartment for practically everything : 
- blinker light attachment tab 
- front organization pocket for things you need to access quickly like pens, keys
- a front panel stretch mesh pocket where I usually put fruits or snacks (again for easy access :P)  
- heat embossed stash pocket which keeps items like mobile phones and sunglasses scratch free
- padded tablet sleeve and a TSA approved padded laptop sleeve
- slide stretch mesh pockets, where I put cold water bottles

Its gazillion pockets is both an advantage and disadvantage because it sometimes takes time for me to find something I put in but I consider it as a good practice on being mindful on what you do,not "mind full". :P 

Another cool feature of this bag is that it's thoughtfully women-specific.  It's designed according to a woman's body (more details below), making the pack more comfortable when carrying a heavy load. It's like having someone help you carry your stuff, which is nice especially for users like me who pack their hoouse. :)  Unlike Quantum which  has a wider frame and takes up the entire space of my upper torso making me feel like a turtle, Nova fits my back perfectly. 
At Las Casas de Acuzar. Photo from Osprey Packs Philippines
As an everyday pack, I am very satisfied with it especially since I don't have to struggle to put  everything in. :) I also love its material. It doesn't feel and look like it's going to rip off easily. 
Specs : 
Color : This model comes in three colors, Jam Purple, Moody Blue and Black (mine's Jam Purple)
Weight : 2.05 lb
Dimensions : 19 x 11 x 10 (inches)
Capacity : 33 Liters
Price : Osprey Nova retails at 4,990 Pesos.
Where to buy Osprey Packs?  In the Philippines, it's exclusively distributed by the Primer Group and sold in R.O.X.(List of branches)
Facebook Page Osprey Packs Philippines 

Tips on Choosing an Osprey Pack
- If you are buying from R.O.X., talk to an Osprey Sales Assistant for a recommendation on which packs suits your needs. Alternatively, get the model and check it out on Osprey's website
- Not all Osprey packs have a raincover. If you plan to bring it to hiking, it's advisable to choose a model that comes with a raincover to protect your stuff from rain and thorny bushes (if the model you want doesn't have one, you can purchase a raincover separately)
- For ladies, go for the women-specific packs 
What makes Osprey women’s - specific packs unique?
"Our women’s packs come in torso lengths that best fit women’s bodies. All packs come standard with women’s - specific harness and hipbelt. The women’s harness is narrow at its entry point in the backpanel, and tapers slightly outward below the collarbone to offer more comfort and freedom for the chest area. The women’s hipbelt is canted slightly upward to best cup the hips and is patterned with a narrower profile. Our women’s packs also come in women’s specific colors."

Want a smaller pack? Watch this  interesting overview of an Osprey Momentum commuter pack which is ideal for those who bike. I just found this on You Tube and the cool lady in the video was so convincing, now I want one. :P  Haaay!

With so many brands out there, it is both a blessing and a curse to see so many options when you're in a store. To get the best value for money, research and ask users. If you're looking for an outdoor pack, ask those who hike regularly for tips.  There's also a group on Facebook where you can ask these questions, check out CLIMBER Philippines.  

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