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The Trail to Kwebang Lampas

Kwebang Lampas is slowly gaining attention from those who enjoy exploring undeveloped, off the tourist path destinations. The place is part of a cove away from the nearby barrios and is accessible in two ways – by boat from some point in Quezon or a 30-minute trek from a private land owned by the Lukangs, the latter option is my prime choice because it involves hiking where you will encounter tons of nice sceneries.
The other amazing thing about this place is the beach and although I'm more of a landscape fanatic, I found it incredible particularly because :
1. There aren’t a lot of people. In fact, on a lucky day, you will not see anyone there aside from the caretakers 2. The water is so clear and filled with small fishes. 3. It is hardly a resort, another reason for me to love it. You just pay a measly 35 pesos entrance fee per head and that’s it. They don’t have fresh water for bath or fixed toilets. They do not allow overnights within their vicinity even if you bring your own te…

PART 4 - Bouncing and Bonding in Cebu

At that time, the boat ride from CDO to Cebu was the longest I've ever traveled via sea.I'm not that into boats because I feel so confined with the limited space you have to walk around. But I wanted adventure and I want it cheap so I decided to book economy class.

I bought my ticket in CDO from Limketkai Mall. The girl at the counter was very nice and she gave me  an amazing bunk! Unlike other beds where you have neighbors on both sides, she gave me one that was situated in a corner. It was also near the emergency exit.

I lay on my bunk and finally fell asleep. Sometime during the evening, the wind blew so hard, I hid under the  thermal blanket. If I remember correctly, the shipping company provides it  for free but you have to leave a valid ID with them. 

When I woke up again, I felt very sticky and badly craving for a bath. The shower rooms  have limited spaces so I had to leave my bag at the bunk and took the valuables with me.I felt slightly dizzy inside the cubicle.

The boat…

PART 3 – Hiking in Bukidnon (November 18, 2008)

Since sharing space is a huge problem for me, I didn’t get much sleep at the hostel in CDO because I felt paranoid for my safety. I woke up at about 5:00am, grateful to be alive. I checked my stuff, everything seemed to be in their right place. I looked at myself – no rope burns, no slashes. I looked at my roomies – they looked normal. No one looked like they turned into Sadako the previous night. I breathe a sigh of relief and as quietly as I can, made my escape at the hostel. Well, I did drop by the commissary for my free breakfast. I may be a little insane but my stomach knows its priorities. After asking around from the people in the hostel, I hopped on another jeep (7.50 pesos/head) towards Agora Bus terminal. There are jeeps passing by – a few blocks from Mass Specc which can take you directly over the terminal, just ask around. I arrived less than 20minutes later and immediately spotted aircon buses to Bukidnon. I was told the trip would take 2 hours. The ticket costs 155 pesos …

Of Romance and Bags

On our most recent trip to Sagada, a friend found romance in the mountains while I found this wonderful sling bag while walking around the streets of Bontoc. :(

When I first noticed the romance brewing, I felt so happy for my friend but then a few hours after we returned from our four day trip,  the stress of having to work 12 hours for two straight days and the promotional airfare I received in my email which was targeting lovers planning for their weekend getaways, I had a minor meltdown.

My friend found romance while I got a sling bag!

I don't need cheering up..don't even give me the line, "there's someone for you out there".

After crying my eyes out, I made a resolution to myself even if I have always known this - that I will be happy come what may and that Valentine's day is still my favorite day next to Christmas.

Advance Happy Valentine's day everyone! I just love all those promos during this time - almost everything is good for two, especially t…

Sharing What Every Traveler Must Bear in Their Hearts

I went online today with two goals in mind. One - I needed to post somethig about the Leave no trace policy and my take on that since I've been posting a lot of itineraries on my blog and it occured to me that I also needed to share something about cultural and environmental awareness. Two - get an MP3 for my friend. I am not an expert on either cultural and environmental awareness but I wanted to let everyone know that traveling is not just about having fun or getting lost.It's about experiencing the place through its people, getting to know them, being aware that we also have to extend ourselves to them. It's not just about taking pictures or eating great food. By being in a place, we become a part of that locality - that we can't act like celebrity on tour. Traveling is also about caring for the nature we admire, making sure we do not disturb the place and that we preserve its beauty by not leaving our trash behind and not picking up stuff that belong there like flo…

Random Weekend Thoughts

So what transpired this weekend?I was a speaker for Cultural Awareness in our BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course) dry run for our office outdoor org and I just have to say - public speaking is something I will probably never get comfortable with. To think I volunteered myself for it..It's not the prestige of being listened to that I look forward to but the opportunity to share and empower others. I think I'm going to take a rest from torturing myself and refrain from talking in front of a crowd for a while. Hehe. I watched UP battle it out with FEU for the UAAP women's football. I wasn't sure who I was supporting actually. I just missed playing football and watching them made me and my friends reminisce our "glory" days in the field. I saw some talented futboleras - #4 of UP ; Flameno (also from UP). I also admire the endurance of FEU. They play with the same level of intensity in both halves. Grabe galing talaga! The score ended with UP losing 3-2. The last…

Man U's Coming Over to Asia this 2009!

Waaaaaaaah! I read something last night which completely shook my 2009 plans...
United will play four matches in Asia this summer:

China - Date, city to be confirmed
Korea - 20 July, Seoul
Indonesia - 24 July, Jakarta
Malaysia - 26 July, Kuala Lumpur

Tour dates provisional, subject to local & English FA confirmation.
I gotta go..I gotta go.... I really, really, really want to see my Ronny or at least his teammates...As of now, I have no funds for this. But if I cancel my Kinabalu trip this March, I can really go, but someone's going to kill me...Option 2 to avoid demise: Get an extra job!
Hay, sometimes I wish I was a little boring. Wanting something so badly can be stressful. Oh well, most of the time, it does make life exciting. Wish me luck! I will have to turn my world upside down to make this trip possible.

September 17, 2010 Just an update on this post. :)
By God'…

Banaue-Batad-Sagada Itinerary

I’ve compiled some travel information on Banaue-Batad-Sagada since I get asked about this a lot. Here’s the IT which was prepared by one of my friends Erwin. I just edited and updated some expenses based from our most recent trip to Sagada.

Feel free to mix and match your route. I understand that not a lot of people have the same preferences or have tons of time to travel.

January 14, 2009 – Wednesday

10 :00 PM - Departure from Autobus Transport Systems Inc. (Sampaloc, Manila)
Address: 1455 S.H. Loyola Corner Cayco Street, Sampaloc Manila
Telephone Number: (2)493-4111 (tried and working), (2)740-7959, Mobile Number : +63 916-490-9328
Fare: 425 pesos (one way); aircon bus; Bus Signboard : Banaue

You may reserve tickets two days in advance; buy your tickets early because they only have one trip per day.
If you miss this bus, you may opt to ride the Florida buses – walking distance from Autobus terminal – about 8 minutes or less on foot. I’m not sure about their trip schedules but they h…

Banaue-Batad-Sagada in Four Days

I just got back Monday morning from a four day trekking trip up Northern Philippines with my friends from my backpacking group - ECOF. The're mostly close friends of mine with common interest for exploring the entire Philippine archipelago.
I fell in love with the town of Sagada which offers a balance between tourism development and nature preservation. I loved trekking along the rice terraces in Batad - gruelling as it was because everything seemed to be a few stairs away.
I will share some travel information, just need to gather my thoughts for a while because I've been experiencing some meltdown - two days in a row! Weird, because I only have two predominant emotions - either I'm happy or angry. Lately, I've been feeling sad, trap where I am. I'm too young and too single to feel this way. No need to cheer me up or say anything encouraging. I just need to figure something out or maybe I need to relocate.
We met some really nice people - Ifugaos, locals from Sagada…

PART 2 – Hopping in CDO (November 17, 2008)

My adventure in CDO consisted mainly of bouncing from one place to another. Its strategic location makes it an ideal jump-off for people like me to travel to Iligan, Camiguin, Bukidnon and other provinces. 

After the two hour bus ride from Baligoan port and chatting with a newfound friend – a bus conductress (?) named Amy, I boarded a jeep to Limketkai Mall to buy ferry tickets bound for Cebu the following evening. There was a Western Union branch right before the entrance of Limketkai Mall, that sold airline and ferry tickets (saw Cebu Ferries and Superferry). I had an early dinner. This time, I chose something familiar to the palette because I was feeling a bit lonely - Chowking! 

I stayed for the night at a highly recommended hostel called Mass Specc, which for some reason reminds me of hostels in horror movies where you get tortured. Don't get me wrong, it's not the place, it's just me! It's really clean, the sheets smell good and the rates are amazing! I just watche…

The Puerto Princessa Experience

Trip was last : Sept 2007 Just got back home from my four-day trip to Palawan and me and three other friends enjoyed it so much! We stayed at the Lucky Garden Inn and Suites, a budget inn in Puerto Princessa, Palawan’s capital. The city is clean and peaceful. The garbage bins scattered around Palawan are nice too, haha!  These  are huge, green expensive looking garbage bins with wheels. You can see it all over town and in the rural areas. What I also love about Palawan is their tourism program. They are so organized. It was so easy to book tours and the prices are standard. Nobody's preying on tourists because there seem to be information centers wherever we go like in the Underground river and Honda Bay. Generally, people are so courteous and those from the businesses give first-class customer service. Garbage bins along Rizal avenue Unforgettable experiences : Eating wood worm in Kinabuch’s, tripping on a boat in front of the whole tour group in Sabang waters, swimming for dear lif…