Man U's Coming Over to Asia this 2009!

Waaaaaaaah! I read something last night which completely shook my 2009 plans...
United will play four matches in Asia this summer:

China - Date, city to be confirmed
Korea - 20 July, Seoul
Indonesia - 24 July, Jakarta
Malaysia - 26 July, Kuala Lumpur

Tour dates provisional, subject to local & English FA confirmation.
I gotta go..I gotta go.... I really, really, really want to see my Ronny or at least his teammates...As of now, I have no funds for this. But if I cancel my Kinabalu trip this March, I can really go, but someone's going to kill me...Option 2 to avoid demise: Get an extra job!
Hay, sometimes I wish I was a little boring. Wanting something so badly can be stressful. Oh well, most of the time, it does make life exciting. Wish me luck! I will have to turn my world upside down to make this trip possible.

September 17, 2010
Just an update on this post. :)

By God's grace, I was able to watch Man U's exhibition game in KL without having to cancel my KK trip. I didn't get to see Ronaldo  because a few days before the exhibition game, he  announced his transfer to Real Madrid. It would have been great to see him in person but  Rooney, Owen and the rest of the Man U played so I can't complain. Never mind that I traveled alone in KL and that it was my first time in that city as well. I will never forget this escapade.  :)
My next goal is to see a live WC game. Brazil 2014 anyone?

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