PART 4 - Bouncing and Bonding in Cebu

At that time, the boat ride from CDO to Cebu was the longest I've ever traveled via sea.I'm not that into boats because I feel so confined with the limited space you have to walk around. But I wanted adventure and I want it cheap so I decided to book economy class.

I bought my ticket in CDO from Limketkai Mall. The girl at the counter was very nice and she gave me  an amazing bunk! Unlike other beds where you have neighbors on both sides, she gave me one that was situated in a corner. It was also near the emergency exit.

I lay on my bunk and finally fell asleep. Sometime during the evening, the wind blew so hard, I hid under the  thermal blanket. If I remember correctly, the shipping company provides it  for free but you have to leave a valid ID with them. 

When I woke up again, I felt very sticky and badly craving for a bath. The shower rooms  have limited spaces so I had to leave my bag at the bunk and took the valuables with me.I felt slightly dizzy inside the cubicle.

The boat docked in Cebu before 7AM. The roads were practically empty.

My visit to Cebu had two purposes - I visited my friend who lives there and second - I was dangerously low on cash and still had several days to travel around so I decided to stay with my friend where I can sleep for free!  After Cebu, I still had to fly back to Manila and catch a bus to Pagudpud with two other friends. Haha! Crazy schedule, but it was fun!  

I wasn't able to go around Cebu that much. I got tired rushing from one unfamiliar place to another so I just went to Ayala Mall which was new at that time, haha! I remember it had nice restaurants and a refreshing garden. It was the most restful leg of my 8-day trip around the Philippines. I bonded with my friend the majority of my stay there and  also met up with another friend who treated me at The Breakfast Club and took me to the airport on my way back to Manila where the last leg of my backpacking trip begun.

This post is part of my 8-day birthday backpacking trip from Mindanao to Luzon. Click on part 5 to read about my Ilocos Adventure!

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