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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

So what transpired this weekend?

  • I was a speaker for Cultural Awareness in our BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course) dry run for our office outdoor org and I just have to say - public speaking is something I will probably never get comfortable with. To think I volunteered myself for it..It's not the prestige of being listened to that I look forward to but the opportunity to share and empower others. I think I'm going to take a rest from torturing myself and refrain from talking in front of a crowd for a while. Hehe.
  • I watched UP battle it out with FEU for the UAAP women's football. I wasn't sure who I was supporting actually. I just missed playing football and watching them made me and my friends reminisce our "glory" days in the field. I saw some talented futboleras - #4 of UP ; Flameno (also from UP). I also admire the endurance of FEU. They play with the same level of intensity in both halves. Grabe galing talaga! The score ended with UP losing 3-2. The last goal from UP was quite surprising because it came in the second half , a few minutes before the game ended. I wasn't able to see it though because we thought they wouldn't be able to score so we went to the restroom. I think they scored a goal, roughly 5 minutes before the final whistle was blown.
  • Had food trip in UP Diliman after the game. I miss eating street foods! We dined in Kaz located in the Arcade and ate FIC ice cream at the Shopping centre, then I also ate corn in a stick, fishball, siomai, etc, etc. Hehehehe!
  • I have been praying and thinking about how I will be able to watch my Manchester United in Asia this coming July. I am contemplating on three things: a. Cancel my kinabalu trip (for which my friend Mao will kill me) b. Not to cancel my Kinabalu trip and just get a second job to fund my scorching desire c. Decide whether to watch in Indonesia or Malaysia

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  1. We have the same predicament --- public speaking! But I can do all things effectively in silence.


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