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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I Love Cebu

My fascination with the Queen City of the South started in college when me and a family friend were intoxicated with admiration over this wiry guy with the looks of a bad ass and a heart of an angel (well, we're biased!). Their family's hometown is Cebu and his mom incessantly tells us how beautiful it is and how she misses life over there. My friend and I made a solemn pact that we would be happy for each other should he end up with any one of us. 

Years later, when nothing fruitful came out of our daily obsession, evening rituals and animal sacrifices, we eventually moved on but what remained was the curiosity over this place that they love so much. :P 

In 2007, after some planning and asking around, I finally reached Cebu. It was a solo trip and I spent four days just taking in the sights and the vibe where people seem to have a lot to smile about. Well, the affordable tasty food they have is enough reason to smile. I never got to explore the entire Cebu though. 

I stayed within the city pretty much the entire time I was in Cebu. I also went to Bohol for a few hours to have lunch at the Loboc river, which I saw from a local film (haha, that was Close To You). I didn’t visit the famous Magellan’s cross or Tops which I heard offers a wonderful view of the entire city. I wasn’t able to visit any usual tourist spot but I was able to hear mass at the charming Basilica del Sto. Nino. 

After that trip, I became more enamored with Cebu. It’s modern, yet people are laid-back. The structures, reminded me of Manila except that I see more nature here, beaches are so near! I haven’t seen much which is great because that means I have more reason to go back. I haven’t gone to Bantayan or Malapascua yet. I haven’t caught a bus ride to Santander yet. I have not hopped on a ferry to Camotes. I haven’t seen the view over Tops nor Magellan’s cross which looks quite interesting in videos and pictures. 

Last year, I was able to go back to Cebu to visit some friends - yet again, I wasn’t able to explore much due to budget and time constraints. There's a lot of things I haven’t seen, a lot of food I haven’t ate – great reasons to go back – again and again. 

 Hay, Cebu, gihigugma taka.

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